Thursday, November 30, 2023

Biophilia – The Nature Attraction

There’s no doubt we’re all born with the desire to connect to nature! This deep-rooted attraction to the outdoors is called biophilia a term is derived from the Greek words for “life” and “love” making its precise translation “love of life.” Biophilia is more than just an idea, it has been found to support both physical and mental health. Since the average the person spends more than 75 percent of their life indoors, establishing a biophilia environment would have significant results.

This explains why flowers and plants can instantly invigorate your mood and lift your spirits. The calming qualities of nature can be enjoyed through soothing colors + interesting textures. And there are plenty of ways to satisfy your nature craving, and we know just how to help you bring the outside in.

As the human population grows and access to nature becomes limited, incorporating nature into your home and work environments becomes more and more important. Regular exposure to natural elements supports longevity and helps ensure that future generations will maintain an affinity with nature as well.

Resendiz Brothers 2024 Calendar

For the last twenty-four years I’ve designed and created our annual Resendiz Brothers calendar, which we proudly share with all our friends and family. The time spent crafting the calendar has become very special as it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months while rummaging through fabulous photos to select my thirteen favorites. The cover is typically a photograph that has received quite a bit of attention during the last year or reminds me of a particular season, and this year's choice - was no exception. The remaining twelve photographs are thoughtfully placed in the calendar to represent the months when the proteas pictured are typically in bloom. Scroll on down and have a sneak peek at this year’s picks.













Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Protea Ceres

Looking for stems of beautiful red protea for the holidays? How about using Ceres? This queen-size bloom or what we call a ‘Hybrid Queen’ is a superb blend of magnifica and obtusifolia. Simply stunning with crimson-red bracts and white feathery tips, Ceres is extremely hardy and opens slowly over days providing an exceptional long vase-life And, when fully open, the bloom is quite spectacular at 5 to 6 inches in diameter… making it an eye-catching feature in an design!

Divine green foliage and sturdy long stems makes Ceres a prized protea for any flower lover. Plus, because its main flowering period is through fall into winter, there’s a bounty of beauty, love and joy to spread through the holiday season and right into Valentine’s Day.

Ceres’ captivating bloom will surely steal the spotlight in any bouquet or arrangement.