Sunday, August 31, 2014

Protea Pink Ice: From Field to Vase

The month of September marks the beginning of what all of us here at Resendiz Brothers call 'Pink Ice Season'.  Why, Pink Ice?  We'll, for the next six to eight weeks this is the amazing flower that blooms in the fields and fills our bouquets!  So, stop for a moment, relax and enjoy this photo journey from the fields to being ready for your vase! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cal Poly Rose Parade Float: Aims to Inspire Learning

This year students from Cal Poly Pomona and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo will celebrate the power of reading and imagination with their 2015 Rose Parade float design.  “Soaring Stories” portrays a fairy tale castle and a mythological griffin emerging from the pages of storybooks.  It reflects the 2015 parade theme, “Inspiring Stories.” 

Some float construction work has already begun on both campuses.  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students are expected to move their half of the float to Cal Poly Pomona in mid-to-late October. Construction typically continues until right before Christmas. Students and volunteers then spend the week between Christmas and New Year decorating the float with California Grown Flowers. 

"This project is the epitome of Learn by Doing,” said Cal Poly President Jeffrey D. Armstrong in a recent university newsletter.  “It also demonstrates working across disciplines.  There are all types of majors working here, from both campuses. And it brings together the whole Cal Poly community — students, parents, alumni, people who have been involved for years.” 

This year Cal Poly is once again committed to source at least 85 percent of their float d├ęcor from California flower farms and be recognized as "California-Grown Certified".  During the last few years this project and the 'Learning by Doing' has expand beyond the campuses. Students and administrators are touring the farms that donate the fresh cut flowers and greens in order to meet the farmers and see where and how the flowers are grown. 

This weekend Resendiz Brothers had the pleasure to host some of the Cal Poly Float Team as well as Amanda Lee the Decoration Chair and their Advisor Greg Lehr.  It was fun getting to know these designers while sharing a little of our 'Flower World' with them.  First off, a stop in the cooler to see what's being harvested - Protea, Banksia, Grevillea, Leucadendron, Eucalyptus and more.

Time for a quick photo and then off to the hills!

Without a trip up into the hills of Rainbow it's difficult to understand how our flowers are grown, the terrain, the climate and the vast layout of the land.

Oh yes, Silver Tree - definitely the first time this group has seen this fabulous foliage outside of a bucket or glued to a float! 

Finally, a quick lesson on growing and propagating Proteaceae.

Our Thanks to Cal Poly Float team for their commitment to learning about and supporting California farms and their flowers!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Serruria florida

Almost unheard of in the United States up until the last few years, Serruria florida or more commonly called Blushing Bride, has become one of the hottest flowers in floral design. This delicately beautiful flower of the Proteaceae family is thought to have received its common name 'Blushing Bride' because of its traditional use in bridal bouquets in South Africa. Serruria florida has papery white petals surrounding feathery tufts of white to pink flowers and soft needle-like foliage. In addition, these amazing blooms have an exceptionally long vase life and they dry beautifully.

Obviously, being such an appropriately named wedding flower 'Blushing Bride' we're seeing it popping up more and more in wedding pictures, blogs and magazines. Here's a few of our favorites:

When buying Blushing Bride look for: 

1. Bunches with 1/2 of the flowers open. 
2. Avoid bunches with drooping blooms. 

Flower Care: 

1. Keep cool when possible. 
2. Split bunches and strip leaves from the bottom half of each stem. 
3. Re-cut at lease ¼” off the stems and place in cool water immediately. 
4. Always use a preservative as it will help the buds to open. 
5. Replace water frequently. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sustainable Style

There's no doubt that we have 'embraced' the eco-friendly lifestyle, linking ourselves with the earth and its bounty, and this connection to nature is as well-established as it's ever been.  This earthy connection has become quite evident by the way we're seeing colors and materials being used daily.  For example, the use of fresh, colorful produce, especially pomegranate, persimmon and fig as well as materials like burlap, linen and well-worn containers.

Designs for this sustainable theme have a rustic, organic and wholesome feel mixed with a touch of “retro-industrial” vibe.  Obviously, exotic flowers and foliage like Protea, Grevillea and Leucadendron compliment this style perfectly.

When fabulous flowers, fruit, fabric and containers are combined we can't help but feel humbled and ground by nature's bounty.