Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Promoting Protea to the Redlands Horticultural & Improvement Society

Last week we had another wonderful opportunity to educate gardeners in a nearby community about the flowers and plants we grow and harvest - Protea. Mel was invited to speak to the Redlands Horticultural & Improvement Society (RHIS) and was introduced to the attendees by Linda Richards, the RHIS Program Chair. This enthusiastic group of 50 gardeners were enthralled with the presentation and loved the colorful slides of the many varieties of flowers we grow. The presentation covered the history of Protea and Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers, as well as multiple slides of cut flowers, bouquets, wreaths and arrangements made from the flowers we harvest. They also viewed our California Grown Experience 'Spring Fields' Series video created by J Schwanke at uBloom.com. There were many questions afterwards covering a range of topics from how to propagate, to maintenance and care of the plants. Plants and flowers were on hand as everyone wanted to take home something they saw in the presentation. 

Linda Richards - the RHIS Program Chair

A Telopea Wreath served well as the evening's Door Prize - Many Thanks to our friends at the Redlands Horticultural & Improvement Society!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 SAF Outstanding Varieties Competition

This week the Society of American Florists (SAF) held their 129th Annual Convention in Phoenix, AZ. It was three action packed days of seminars and workshops, thought-provoking breakfast sessions, the Sylvia Cup Design Competition featuring all California Grown Flowers and an Outstanding Varieties Competition featuring the year's best products from the world's top growers! 

The Outstanding Varieties Competition has always been a great way for us to help educate wholesalers, florists, designers and other growers about the amazing Proteaceae we grow, especially some of the lesser known varieties. This year we had four entries competing in three categories: Telopea - Other Cut Flower, Brunia Galpinii - Decorative Foliage, Leucadendron Silver Tree - Potted Foliage Plant and Serruria Blushing Bride - Other Cut Flower. We were thrilled and honored to have our special flowers and foliages recognized among so many other amazing entries - here's how we scored:

Telopea - Other Cut Flower
People's Choice Award and Blue Ribbon Winner

Brunia Galpinii - Decorative Foliage
Best in Class Award and Red Ribbon Winner

Leucadendron Silver Tree - Potted Foliage Plant
Best in Class

Serruia Blushing Bride - Other Cut Flower
Red Ribbon Winner

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hold on to those Petals

Ever wondered how bees and other insects hold on to flowers on a windy day? Well, it appears bees prefer petals with pointed cells, which are found in the majority of flowers from protea to roses. However, the reason for the partiality has remained largely a mystery, until now.

Recently, a team of research experts recreated a 'shaking platform' to imitate the way flowers move in the wind, using both pointed-celled flowers and varieties with flat cells. They found that the more they shook the platform, the more bees opted for the pointed petals. It appears the bees use the gaps between the cells as footholds in blustery weather, locking their claws into them in a similar way to Velcro fabric fasteners, and helping them hold on to the flowers. Until now, nobody knew exactly what these cells were for. All long we've been looking at flowers from a human perspective, but when we put ourselves into the bee's shoes we find hidden features in flowers and their petals that we didn't know existed! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Trend: Jewel Tones

If You Can’t Afford Precious Gems, Rock The Jewel Tone Trend Instead! 

Lush shades of ruby, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and yellow topaz are turning up everywhere for Fall, adding a sense of drama unlike other seasonal trends - orange and yellow. These jewels tones are rich in saturation and look great combined or alone for monochromatic look. The experts (namely fashion designers) have spoken, and these are the colors we can expect to see gracing the shelves and racks this fall: 

With Autumn only weeks away, now's definitely the time to fall into Jewel Tones and create a little extra drama by adding these rich colors to all your arrangements and bouquets!