Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer in the Fields

During the month of July it feels a bit like taking an "intermission" - some flowers and foliage are leaving the fields and others are preparing to come on. July is a quiet time here on the farm and it provides us a sampling of the flowers soon to rest and others getting ready to bloom. The colors, textures and sights of summer certainly warm the soul and delight the eye!

This is the month when we see our beloved pincushions, colorful filler flowers and exotic kangaroo paws start to taper off and slowly vanish from the fields. We find ourselves cherishing every last bloom, knowing it will be months before we finally see them revisit.

July, is the month when our mysterious, almost alien looking brunia albiflora is ready to harvest. Brunia is truly a summertime favorite for many florist and designers, adding that interesting texture and unusual touch to any arrangement.

This is also the time of the year when we see a new season begin. Protea plants are showing their first blooms and the leucadendron are taking on their deep red and burgundy tones. We find ourselves waiting with anticipation, as the fields slowly start to show their flowers and fill with color once again.

So, as this month concludes, it is apparent there is truly a circle of life in nature too!