Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Art in Bloom – February

As February comes to a close, we pause for a moment to reflect on the gorgeous bounty of blooms that were harvested during the month. February is all about flowers and love, with Valentine’s Day being a special day to give and enjoy these true gifts of nature. Every flower and leaf harvested is a form of “Art in Bloom”, an art we strive to capture in our photographs and share with you. So now we begin what will become a monthly blog called “Art in Bloom”, a perfect way for us to share our favorite photographs taken during the month with you. Enjoy as we show you February!

Protea Andrea & Pink Duke


Protea Andrea

Pincushion Erubescens

Leucadendron Eucalyptifolium

Pincushion Red Sunset

Leucadendron Rainbow Gold

February Bouquet

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Season for Tango

Spring is the time of year when our pincushion tango explode into a vibrant carpet of orange. Here in S. California, Tango are in bloom from early January through the end of April. This wonderful pincushion with bright orange pins and red trimming has long, straight stems and a solid bloom, making it an ideal cut flower. Take a look as these fabulous blooms do their colorful and energetic spring dance.

"Orange is the happiest color." - Frank Sinatra

Friday, February 17, 2012

Raindrops on Protea

Yesterday, after a cold winter storm blew through Rainbow, we ventured out into the fields to enjoy one of our 'favorite things' - Raindrops on Protea! It is obvious that these beautiful blooms appreciate the rain, as they almost seem to reach out to capture as much of this precious water as possible. Each raindrop trickles down the Protea's dome, bracts and leaves refreshing and recharging it - A true gift of nature and definitely a 'favorite thing'!

White Protea King

Protea Fiesta

Protea Eileen

Protea Pink Frost

Protea Hybrid Mink

Protea Ivy

Protea Hybrid Neriifolia

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Day - A Day For Romance

Known as the flower of romance, waxflower (Chamalaucium) is native to the land “down under” - Western Australia. For those who understand the language of flowers and their hidden meaning, waxflower offers a message of inner wisdom to the user of its essence. It offers a sense of renewal making it possible to choose a new direction in life with openness to love and a joy of living. The colorful flower petals have a waxy tough exterior, and the heart is the bowl-shaped center— like cupped hands holding a depth of sensitivity and romance within. Waxflower is a sensitive but resilient plant, reflecting tough, resilient life experiences. Pink is the color for the heart and purple for the third eye, which represents the ability to connect to your sensitivity and inner wisdom through love and after all “Love” is what Valentine’s Day is all about!

So, as Valentine's Day approaches, we want to share some of our favorite waxflower varieties with you:


Painted Lady

Purple Pride



Waxflower Bouquet

Why not make "Romance" a part of your Valentine's Day?!