Thursday, August 30, 2012

What About the Bees?

Blessed are the bees for they make the earth fruitful, green and filled with flowers! 



Sunday, August 26, 2012

Touring the Flower Fields

Last week we had the pleasure to tour Congressman Darrell Issa’s Legislative Assistant Adaline “Abby” Maushardt around our flower fields. Our tour started with a trip to our packing house where I showed Abby some of my favorite summertime flowers and foliage – certainly a great introduction to our “Protea World”. 

Then up into the hills of Rainbow we ventured. Our first stop was Rainbow Crest, where we paused to take pictures and to enjoy a spectacular view of the flower fields. 

Our next stop was a 13 acre parcel I recently acquired. This property is currently in "stage 1"of field development - clearing and mulching. This first stage is definitely the most difficult part of starting a new flower field. Seeing a field go from brush to blooms definitely gives you an appreciation for the flowers we grow and what it takes to get them from the field to the table.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Not Just a Flower Farm

Looking at these gorgeous protea bouquets we make each day, it’s easy to forget some of the other aspects that make up our “farm life” here in Rainbow. Yes, we’re not just a flower farm! We enjoy tending to our vegetable garden, which now is producing some very flavorful zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes. It’s wonderful watching these plants grow, flower and slowly produce fruit and vegetables.

Both the zucchini and cucumber plants start by producing delicate blooms the color of sunshine and slowly transform their blooms into farm fresh produce – nothing tastes better!

Chickens and Roosters have been roaming our farm for years eating all the unwanted bugs and insects. Recently, we decided to create a chicken coop where the hens could go and lay their eggs. It seems to be working well for them and for us too, since now we get to enjoy fresh eggs daily.

Even our favorite rooster, Arlan, approves of the new hen house!

These days it’s all about  being “Farm-Fresh” for the table!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summertime Gathering

Summer is truly a gift to the senses -the textures, smells and sights of summer intoxicate and delight!  This lovely summertime gathering was created by Pauline, our intern from France, who obviously has a talent for floral design.   Pauline selected many of our favorite flowers and greens – protea pink duke and red baron, brunia albiflora, tritoma, kangaroo paw, banksia prionotes and eucalyptus.   The deep green and orange hues combined with a splash of pink and red are a perfect sampling of the season.

Brunia Albiflora

Banksia Prionotes 

Orange Kangaroo Paw

Protea Red Baron

Protea Pink Duke