Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Fall Must-Have: Grandicolor

Grandicolor. This unique and alluring Protea is a mix of grandiceps and aurea, a rare combo to say the least. Shades of cream play across the bracts as they deepen to peach at the base. Bi-color pink and white lashes provide a delicate edging to the rusty-red center. Silvery-green egg-shape foliage with a leathery feel vigorously adorn the long and straight stem.

Just when you think your fall floral collection is complete, Grandicolor blooms. Designs rich in these early-autumn blooms reflect the spirit and joy of the upcoming holiday season. Plus, these exquisite, medium sized blooms can be tucked in and added to just about any fall arrangements — they’re chic, colorful, and just in time.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Festive Fall Designs

When it comes to the changing of the seasons, there's nothing more stirring than when summer fades into fall. We transition into the cooler weather with rich, saturated colors and riveting textures. These warmer hues often play up the excitement of the season; plus, falling temps means we all have an excuse to bring ‘more’ of nature indoors. Fall is a time for all of these things, and for Protea (especially Pink Ice), making it the ideal time to let the autumn vibes flow with captivating festive designs.

Turning an ordinary arrangement into a ‘seasonal gathering’ is as easy as focusing on the accents you're bringing into it. Are you adding colors into your design that creates a warm and inviting aura? Concentrate, on the elements needed to achieve the look from Protea, Banksia and Grevillea, to Leucadendron and other fabulous fall foliage. How can you add an extra texture to the centerpiece?

In this season of abundance, there are so many wonderful options. You’ll also want to be sure to make full use of those richly colored fruit that flourish during this time of the year. Persimmons, pomegranates, apples or any other produce can be added to the arrangement or simply displayed off to the side to deliver more of an autumnal ambiance, while bringing even more nature inside to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Fabulous Foliage: Eucalyptus

Native to down under, there are over 900 species of eucalyptus trees. The name eucalyptus comes from the ancient Greek words eu meaning “good” and kalypto meaning “cover”. And besides being known as a koala bear’s favorite treat, the foliage is also loved for its soothing scent and interesting shapes and textures. Ranging from silver dollar sized, to slender, to long and oval-shaped, eucalyptus foliage is instantly recognizable. The leaves can be blue to green and silver, and often have a waxy coating that makes them appear frosted.

Eucalyptus, with a calming quality that evokes nature, optimism, and growth, is popping up just about everywhere (displays, centerpieces, bouquets, garlands, and wreaths). This wonderful foliage adds so much volume, texture and height to d├ęcor while emitting its own kind of botanical magic.

Here are a few of our fall favorites.

Blue Gum

Willow or Feather

Silver Dollar

Big Star Seeded


Silver Dollar Seeded

Thursday, September 15, 2022

3 Gorgeous Autumn Banksia

Within the wonderfully diverse world of proteas, the Banksia ranks among the best known and most spectacular genera of the Australian Proteaceae. Comprising of around a 178 species, plus 19 naturally occurring varieties, these amazing plants are extremely popular for their colorful flower spikes and foliage. Far from a delicate flower, yet when it blooms, this bristly protea’s vibrancy and textures are unrivaled. The styles form an inflorescence made up of hundreds of tiny flowers that open from the base, giving it a fluffy appearance.

Unlike many of southern Australian wildflowers the main flush of Banksia come not in spring but in autumn and winter. To help you distinguish between a few of the species, we’re highlighting three of our fall faves: Banksia hookeriana, prionotes and victoriae.

Hookeriana or also referred to as Eneabba Banksia or Hooker's Banksia. This species’ long-stemmed, decorative orange flower is up to 5” or more in length developing from grayish-pink buds.

Prionotes or also called Acorn Banksia, Orange Banksia, Golden Bankisa or Orange Frost. This autumn favorite has large acorn-shaped flower spikes (hence the name) 6 to 8” long in cream and orange hues, opening from small silvery-white buds. The long stems and long, slender foliage contributes to flower’s stunning texture.

Victoriae or also named Woolly Orange. This Banksia starts as an intriguing woolly, greyish-white bud and becomes a brilliant orange as the styles open out. Victoriae blooms range in size from 6 to 10" in length and 5" in diameter and have fabulous, serrated foliage on long rigid stems.

Creating a fall arrangement is as simple as getting the right materials and mixing them together. The combination of banksia, protea, leucadendron, fruited branches and more provides a variety of colors, shapes, and textures that instantly makes the arrangement look complete.

Friday, September 9, 2022

American Floral Trends 2022: Passion

What comes to mind when you think of the word “Passion”? That feeling of intense creativity, or that feeling of euphoria when doing something that is truly meaningful to you. Passion is about emotions, the motivation and what makes us feel good, or just “doing what you love”.

Did you know this year “Passion” is also a 2022 floral trend? During July’s AIFD Symposium in Las Vegas the new American Floral Trends Forecast was unveiled by nationally recognized floral trend experts.

“Passion” is all about “Romancing Hues”. Gemstone hues are reflected with Anemones, Iris, Peonies, Proteas, and Tulips certain to stir the senses in a trend story reserved for one of the great human emotions – “Passion”. This trend communicates the full range of passion-based consumer purchases to the language of flowers, and what it means when desiring saturated colors and sensuous florals. While these regal colors are nothing new, the application to mix them with more intensity, less contrast, and even greater monbotanical scale reveal a desire for more-is-more luxurious floral compositions. Influenced by idiochromatic precious gems to sartorial influences, this trend foresees bold and next-level designs in floral styling by multiplying style options from classic florals to exotic blooms. Other notable elements include vintage golds, blackened bronze, modernized urns and compotes, with rich deep green foliage statements.

To learn more, visit: American Floral Trends 2022!