Sunday, March 31, 2024

Here Come the Leucospermum

Are you ready for the excitement of Leucospermum? It’s time to breathe more life into your spring arrangements with these fanciful blooms.

These fanciful Leucospermum plants bring so much pleasure to our hearts during this time of the year. The vibrant red, orange, peach, yellow and bi-colored blooms are formed mainly with long, sprout-like structures that end in a round knob called a pollen presenter. Together, the mass of styles looks a lot like pins bristling from a “pincushion”, a similarity that has given rise to the popular name for this genus.

Leucospermum include some forty-eight species, of which all but three are endemic to South Africa’s Cape Province. Unlike flowers of the genus Protea, which rely on their showy bracts for visual appeal, Leucospermum put all their art into the colors of the flowers themselves as well as the flowing shape of each curving component.

Leucospermum are considered Mediterranean plants, which is good news for anyone living in central and southern California. These stunning plants provide drama and stature in the fields and in designs. They’re gorgeous when flaunted on their own, however, when mingled with other proteas… they make for a breathtaking display!

Saturday, March 30, 2024


What could be more magical than seeing winter turn to spring? Isopogon celebrates the transition with us. This member of the Australia Proteaceae family consists of over 34 species plus, three varieties. In Western Australia Isopogon are often referred to as cone flowers, while in the eastern states they’re known as drumsticks.

These unique looking spring flowers, born as a solid cone with the blooms spiraling from and surrounding the central cone, look like petite pinwheels. Like many proteas, Isopogon flowers are made up of many flowers that open from the outside in. Its stems are woody, and leaves are green, pointed and surround the flowers at their base.

What to look for

  • Buy when the outer flowers in each flower head are opening. 
  • Avoid bunches with brown tips on the flowers and with yellow leaves.

Flower Care

  1. Keep cool. 
  2. Strip leaves from the bottom half of each stem. 
  3. Re-cut at least 1/4” off each stem and place in cold water. 
  4. Use a preservative as this will help keep open flowers looking fresh. 
  5. Replace water frequently.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Easter Inspiration: Proteaceae

Spring is here and Easter is just days away! Out of all the holidays, Easter has the most vibrant seasonal proteas to choose from. There's just something about this stunning family of flowers that makes my heart swoon and skip a beat.

So, get ready! After filling Easter baskets and planning the ultimate egg hunt, you'll want to create a festive protea centerpiece of your own. And springtime offers the most abundant array of proteaceae like Leucospermum, Leucadendron, Banksia, Isopogon, Protea and textural Grevillea flowers + foliage. Some of my favorite designs don't require fancy containers, utilizing a galvanized bucket, wicker basket, ceramic bowl or wooden box will suffice when you have such eye-catching blooms to showcase. And you can use your centerpiece as inspiration for your table settings and other floral arrangements on display around your home.

The best part? Proteas make great ‘leftovers’ as they will last for weeks after the celebration, and many will dry beautifully... so they can be enjoyed for years. To fully round out your Easter decor, get inspired by these arrangements.