Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Creating a Festive Easter Arrangement

Creating a festive Easter arrangement is simple when you gear up for the holiday with spring’s best textures and tones - like Proteas, Australian wildflowers, and lush, greens. Your design should act as inspiration for your table settings and other floral arrangements on display in your home.

Some of my favorite Easter design ideas don't require a fancy vase— utilizing a clear glass container works just fine, especially when you add a whimsical touch by including some fresh produce or sweet treats from your local market or grocery store. These extra touches bring in a fresh element of color, texture and shape, and they’re often the recipe needed to transform designs from beautiful to festive, eye-catching and unique.

No matter how you pay homage to spring, these simple Easter arrangements will give you plenty of inspiration for your own holiday display.

This centerpiece plays up the vivid colors of heirloom carrots. You'll need them with their stems still attached and a clear vase to show off the roots. Pair the carrots with yellow and orange pincushions, leucadendron, and lush green foliage. Wash the carrots thoroughly (but don't peel them) so that the water in the vase stays clear.

Create a fresh spring bouquet by bundling asparagus stalks around a vase full of proteas and ranunculus.

Bring fresh fruit to your table with this dazzling centerpiece of protea, tulips and kumquats. Place a clear drinking glass or thin vase into the center of a large-mouth vase and stack the kumquats around the glass.

Celebrate the sweetness of spring with an Easter centerpiece that features seasonal proteas, boronia and leafy greens. Fill a large glass container with jellybeans, insert a small vase in the center, add water and your flowers.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Latest Floral Inspiration

Golden State – is Still the One for Fresh Flowers

While it’s a reality that even our local flower market is a part of the global economy, the Market enters its next 100 years with its feet firmly planted in Golden State soil. California remains a leader and trendsetter for what is in demand for floral artisans here and around the world thanks to the vibrant and versatile flower, plant, and foliage offerings from its farms.

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A Conversation with Certified American Grown

Come with us as we learn more about Certified American Grown! Q1. Can you tell us more about yourself and how long you have been in the industry?

Certified American Grown (CAG) is a non-profit organization. We are an independent national trade association representing a unified and diverse community of American cut flower, cut foliage, and potted plant farmers from the United States.

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Discover The National Flower of South Africa:
The King Protea

South Africa is an incredible country with a wide range of climates, people, and animals, so it’s no surprise its national flower is the astonishing king protea. With a name like that, you know it’s going to be good! Let’s discover the national flower of South Africa: the king protea and why it symbolizes the South African nation so well.

What is the National Flower of South Africa?

The national flower of South Africa: the king protea is also called the sugarbush or the cape artichoke flower.

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Saturday, March 18, 2023

CGCI Floral Design Forum

As a protea lover and passionate flower farmer, whenever I have the time, I enjoy sharing my knowledge of this amazing family of flowers and foliage with floral enthusiasts and gardeners. There’s so much to learn about the 73 genera and more than 1500 species in the Protea family. Plus, the cultivation of proteas is always an important and fascinating topic.

I’m equally excited to show flower lovers and gardeners how you can create stunning works of art with proteas. During this month’s California Garden Club (CGCI) Floral Design Forum, I had the opportunity to immerse their members in the beauty of designing with proteas. I created six seasonal arrangements using an array of proteas, plus some eucalyptus foliage, fruited branches, and Australian wildflowers along with a few bunches of ranunculus and anemone from our local farmer’s market. I love demonstrating how beautiful proteas are when displayed alone or mixed with more traditional florals.

Enjoy the photos I took - it was a fun and inspiring forum!

This simple hand-tied bouquet is a lovely mix of proteas, berzelia, waxflower and eucalyptus foliage.

Mixing fruit branches into designs is alway a hit. The kumquats in this arrangement added texture and a pop of color. The ranunculus provide a delicate spring feel, and the proteas take the design to the next level.

A foam wreath frame is the base of this peach hued candle centerpiece with pincushions, ranunculus, calycina, Grevillea, Leucadendron, berzelia and eucalyptus.

My version of a floral Easter basket filled with plenty of colorful proteas, eucalyptus, calycina and blue anemone plus a grapevine handle to top it off.

Door d├ęcor provides a ‘cheery welcome’ especially during spring holidays. The grapevine frame is lined with moss and a piece of floral foam. Camellia leaves surround the base and proteas, eucalyptus + peach blossoms adorn the basket.

Art in a French galvanized container. Overflowing with plenty of proteas, berzelia and eucalyptus… simple yet stunning!