Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flowers - What We LOVE!

With Valentine's Day just weeks away we've began harvesting some amazing flowers and we want you to see them first! 


Share a little of our LOVE this Valentine's Day and give the gift of Flowers!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hot & In-Season: Filler Flowers?

Those fabulous plants loaded with blooms either up and down or clustered atop of each stem - like heather or waxflower are often referred to as 'filler flowers'.  But, are they really fillers, a kind of stuffing or space filler?  Absolutely not, they're one of the season's hottest harvests!

These awesome flowers add texture, bulk and style to bouquets and arrangements.  In addition, they compliment the color scheme, and add frilly or delicate textures to the mix.  And, there's so many wonderful varieties to choose from - saxicola, calycina, heather, boronia, sterling range, genista, eriostemon, waxflower and many more.  Here's just a few of our favorites! 

Calycina Thryptomene


White Lepto Rotundifolia



Sterling Range



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Leucadendron Blooms?

When it comes to leucadendron, everyone knows 'Safari Sunset'.  With its deep burgundy bracts, it's by far the most the most popular variety.  But have you seen 'Maui Sunset' when its bracts take on a creamy white color and suddenly it becomes a gorgeous flower?  How about 'Harvest' or 'Strictum'?  These are only a few of the awesome alternatives to the fall favorite 'Safari Sunset' and they bloom winter through spring.

The colorful petals of the leucadendron are called bracts (modified leaves), and the true flower is actually nestled among these bracts and covered with styles or stamens.  The stamens will changes color from green to yellow to reddish-orange as the flowers bloom. 

In the past, large volumes of leucadendron foliage were shipped from South Africa to Europe, where it was sold in the flower markets as “Cape Greens” and treated as a long-lasting filler-foliage.  This image has changed with the realization that many leucadendron blooms are beautiful flowers in their own right. Here a just a few of our favorite blooms.

Pom Pom

Rainbow Gold


Red Eye


Salignum Pink



Maui Sunset



Sunday, January 4, 2015

SnOMG: Rare Winter Storm Greets Rainbow on New Year’s Eve

It's an odd, very rare sight: The hills of Rainbow with flower fields and avocado groves covered in snow!  An extremely cold weather front descended on Southern California just in time to ring in the New Year, bringing freezing temperatures and unusually low snow levels as well as powerful winds.  Instead of waking up and heading out to harvest flowers we found ourselves clearing roads of fallen trees and shoveling snow.  So far, it looks like most of our Valentine's blooms have escaped without harm and the snow has melted but for a day or two it was a winter wonderland and picture perfect.