Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Leucadendron Ebony - Burgundy Sunset

From early autumn through winter… the Leucadendron fields here in Rainbow take on so many warm, earthy hues. An array of stunning species, sub-species and cultivars will soon be flaunting their showy, colorful bracts.

Leucadendron Ebony or also called ‘Burgundy Sunset’ was named because of its purple-black leaves, a very distinct feature when compared to the green foliage of ‘Safari Sunset’ (the species from which it evolved). When Ebony blooms, the bracts that surround the ‘true flower’ turn a deep wine-red delivering a stunning cluster of flowers!

Aside from the splendor and significant of its name, Ebony stands out as a cut foliage and has real lasting power. It can last up to a month in a flower arrangement. This makes it a perfect Leucadendron for autumn and the up-coming holiday season, and those who are looking to add a unique, textural addition to their designs.

Ebony has FALL written all over it and because its colors are so vivid and eye-catching, the design options this Leucadendron provides are endless.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Pretty Pink Protea Designs

Pink is elegant and romantic. Brighter pinks are youthful, feminine, and playful; vivid pinks are more passionate, affectionate and sensual. Pink makes a room feel inviting and warm. Love and beauty are associated with pink.

Pink is versatile, so versatile, that it is sometimes considered a neutral color! In turn, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to creating pink bouquets and arrangements. The scope of the color palette is surprisingly diverse, containing everything from soft peachy pink to bright fuchsia. Whether you're considering something light or dark, you can almost always find a hue that satisfies you. Equally, there’s a bounty of pink flowers to choose from. You can design with something exotic like protea (which obviously tops our list), or experiment with an array of fabulous blooms. Some of my go to favorites are dahlias, amaranths, everlastings and alstroemerias – which are available in pink, as are many other beautiful flowers. Simply choose a season and a style and watch as all the possibilities start to unfold right in front of you. As you learn what blooms in shades of pink + what plant and color combos work best with it, you'll definitely be tickled pink.

Ready to find your muse? We've gathered up some beautiful designs to inspire you.

Start with this bright, cheery arrangement, which features a beautiful Protea King, Grevillea Misty Pink, everlastings, Brunia Albiflora, Leucadendron and lush greenery.

This sweet pink to fuschia mix features protea Brenda, ranunculus, calycina, Grevillea with Leucadendron Maui Sunset and eucalyptus rounding out the design.

Here's a fabulous bouquet that proves peachy pink and rose-pink work in harmony especially when you mix in some dainty waxflower, textural coned Leucadendron and green myrtle.

Coral and light pink are the primary colors in this design that blends exotic Bronze Haze, Leucospermum, kangaroo paw, Grevillea blooms, Christmas Bush, oregano and eucalyptus. The stunning Protea King adds a spring inspired touch.

Stems of eucalyptus Baby Blue give this pink bouquet a whimsical look. The assorted array of Protea and spiky Grevillea Misty Pink blooms deliver a full, textural appeal.

The brightly-colored spikes of the Grevillea and sweet mini King featured in this design provide the perfect pop of color. Combined with the coral Leucospermum and peach & green ranunculus, plus, the sprigs of greenery this arrangement provides a mini-illustration of spring’s eternal elegance.

Here we chose a winter- spring bloom (Waratah!) to add drama to this arrangement. The peach hued Leucospermum, and wild berry everlastings blend well with the petite flowering Leucadendron and buffy-white Berzelia bobbles.