Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebrating with Protea

Over the next few weeks, as Holiday Celebrations are taking place throughout the world, I am reminded of a trip I took to South Africa several years ago. Why does this Holiday Season bring South Africa to mind? Well, during my visit I had the opportunity to tour several protea farms and attend the International Protea Association Convention. I enjoyed several luncheons that were graciously hosted by Flowers Farmers and an elegant final dinner. The food and wine were an abundance of savory delights, especially the wines which South Africa is known for! However, Protea is also a South African favorite - the King Protea is their national flower! Each event I attended was creatively decorated with an array of beautiful protea fresh from the fields. So now as we begin our Holiday Celebrations, I want to share some of the decor I saw during my trip with the hope that they may inspire you to make protea part of your celebrations - Enjoy!

Hope your Holiday Celebrations are Extra Special!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Décor

The Holiday Season is in full swing, and as Thanksgiving approaches, more emphasis is placed on the importance of color and texture. When we think of this time of year, we often think of the traditional colors - red, orange, yellow and white. While these colors may work for some, others may prefer a little variation – magenta, scarlet, burgundy, pink, coral, persimmon, emerald green and cream. Many of the protea and banksia we are harvesting right now can be found in these rich shades and they have such wonderful textures too! Here are some of our favorite Holiday Decorations – each one with its own unique composition of color, texture and glorious abundance!

Banksia Cornucopia

Autumn Harvest

Protea Repen & Grevillea Flowers

Fall Protea & Banksia Design

Pretty'n Pink Christmas Design

Christmas Cornucopia

Christmas Wreath

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bonsall Country Festival

A few weeks ago we decided to participate in the Bonsall Chamber of Commerce's Annual Country Festival. It was a beautiful Saturday, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to show our Bonsall neighbors some of the different protea, banksia and leucadendron that are growing right next door in Rainbow, California.

So, we pulled out our Resendiz Brothers canopy, gathered up some protea plants, flowers & foliage, bouquets, arrangements, wreaths and a lovely garland, and off to Bonsall we went.

We proudly displayed our Resendiz Brothers banner and garnished it with a festive protea pink ice and seeded eucalyptus garland - perfect for the upcoming holidays!

We had a wonderful selection of protea bouquets filled with fresh protea, leucadendron, banksia integrifolia and that fabulous fall foliage grevillea ivanhoe.

And, our collection would not be complete without our gorgeous handmade protea wreaths! Definitely one of our favorite ways to use protea - as you can see the wreath has become our logo, our signature!

This colorful wreath was created with protea, banksia, leucadendron, grevillea and several other interesting foliages.

And for a little added touch we brought along a few protea arrangements ready to decorate any room in the house or office.

As our day in Bonsall progressed, we realized that the majority of people who stopped by to see our flowers had never seen them before, some even thought that we brought them in from Hawaii or some other exotic location, and others thought that they didn't look real. So, in the end it was this was a great way to spend our day - teaching our neighbors next door about the flowers and foliage we love growing!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Autumn Protea Bouquet Recipe

As we begin our preparation for the upcoming week, it's fun to see and to create the protea bouquets that we will be offering and shipping to our customers throughout the week. It's always a recipe which includes a combination of the gorgeous flowers and foliage harvested over the weekend. This week we are seeing several varieties of protea, colorful banksia and fabulous fall foliage. Watch as we create one of this week's protea bouquets.

First, we select our focal point - the lovely menziesii or often called 'raspberry frost' banksia.

Next, we surround our banksia with stems of leucadendron safari sunset and grevillea ivanhoe.

Add a few branches of leucadendron gandogeri for that extra fall color.

Mix in a colorful assortment of protea - this velvety bloom is protea pristine.

Protea Susara

Protea Red Baron

Protea Pink Ice

Each gorgeous bloom is perfectly placed around our banksia focal point.

 Add a few stems of leptospermum with pods for texture.

Finally, a beautiful autumn protea bouquet - the perfect recipe for creating a warm and inviting display for special occasions and everyday life.   Flowers an everyday luxury – contribute to our sense of happiness and well-being - Enjoy!