Friday, September 27, 2019

Flower News: September’s Stories of Interest from Around the World

Waratah is an icon of the Aussie bush
(and very nearly the national emblem)

On one of my first field trips as a young student, searching in sweltering September heat for banksia trees in the bush around Sydney, my eye was caught by a flash of remarkable crimson. Trudging over the red dust, we saw the beautiful waratah flower. The cone-shaped flower sat upon a green leaf throne, sepals facing upward towards the heavens. The sun lit the red petals just right, and I felt a sense of awe for the flower emblem of New South Wales.

The rounded flower head and the green razored leaves are iconic. The long stem that can grow up to 4 meters tall allows it to stand above the other vegetation.

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The King Protea: South Africa's National Flower

Proclaimed as South Africa's national flower in 1976, the king protea (Protea cynaroides) is a flowering bush as beautiful and unique as the country itself. Found exclusively in the Cape Floristic Region, the king protea belongs to the Protea genus, which is in turn part of the Proteaceae family - a group that includes around 1,350 different species.

The king protea has the largest flower head of its genus and is prized for its artichoke-like blooms. Growing up to 300mm in diameter, these breathtaking flowers vary in color from creamy white to pale pink or deep crimson.

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11 Protea Ideas for your Wedding

Whether you’re looking for a large statement flower or minimalist bouquet, the versatile protea flower if perfect for both! Measuring up to 12 inches wide, you can use a single flower as a simple bouquet, or create an extravagant arrangement with greenery and lush florals. They’re also long-lasting, sturdy flowers, so you can rest assured that they’ll look great throughout your celebration!

Protea Flower Types

There are over 1600 species of protea. Because of how diverse they are, the genus was named after Proteus, a Greek god who would morph into many shapes These five types of protea are popular in wedding bouquets:

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Why Australian Natives are the Trendiest Flowers of 2019

Our native flowers in Australia are known for their rich, earthy colours and bold, unique forms that allow their natural beauty to shine through. We are fortunate to have access to the most beautiful native foliage and flowers, but it’s also something that we often take for granted.

So as florists, we’re thrilled to see that native flowers have undergone a sort of renaissance the past couple of years. Their popularity has grown and they’re now considered the trendiest flowers of 2019.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to native Australian flowers. It will introduce you to native flowers that are most popular, to choose the best native flowers for different occasions and understand the many presentation styles you can purchase online.

Whether it be for your home, a friend's birthday, decorations for a baby shower or a bouquet at a wedding, find out why these flowers are Australia’s favourite right now.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Event: Fall Wreath Workshop

With just a day left in the countdown to the autumn equinox, we (including several of our furry farm friends) were feeling especially festive here on the farm. The timing was perfect as we held our annual fall wreath making workshop on a warm sunny Saturday afternoon. To start, guests toured the packinghouse, greenhouse and nursery, and some even gathered tidbits of flowers and greens to include in their own special creation. Our talented crew eagerly demonstrated the art of wreath making – so all who watched would be prepared to craft something of their own. The office was stocked with all the necessary fall accessories…. pumpkins, Indian corn, mums and of course, proteas along with some savory treats to eat and drink. Here are some of our favorite photos from the workshop!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Fall Protea Prowess

Think spring’s the season to beat when it comes to proteas? Not so fast - our fall proteas are just as lush as their equinox-opposites, thanks to more neutral and deeper-hued blooms with a feathery flair and hardier, tactile shapes and sizes. In addition, fall gifts us with not only a bounty of gorgeous protea and banksia but awesome textural foliage like seeded eucalyptus, Australian Pine with orange tips, vines, as well as fruited branches. Feeling inspired by autumn’s offerings, we’ve created some bouquets, arrangements and wreaths with the exquisite flora being harvested, so here’s a glimpse of our protea prowess.

When designing, we are always focused on showcasing the proteas. If we’re seeking a romantic, chic feeling, we may suggest blooms in soft pink, cream and maroon hues. For a more whimsical and earthy look we’ll pull in the pods, fruit, berries and smaller blooms.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Farm Tour: The San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society

Every September, we commemorate the start of gardening season with a bountiful nursery, farm tours and protea workshops. Autumn is the best time of the year to plant perennials, shrubs and even seeds. Plants established in the fall grow faster in the spring and require less water when summer comes.

This month, we opened our farm gate and welcomed the San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society (SDCSS). This passionate group of hobbyists, researchers, and enthusiasts all share a common interest and appreciation for the uniqueness and beauty of plants. The SDCSS ‘s mission is to promote knowledge, study and interest in cacti and succulent plants through educational programs, public exhibits, a public garden, and special events.

Given the abundance of South African and Australian plants being grown here in San Diego County, having this group of 50 tour the farm and experience our day to day activities seemed like a natural fit. With the perfect mix of Proteaceae, we knew it would be the just the place for them to capture some garden inspiration.

Many thanks to the SDCSS for visiting and helping us celebrate a new season and all things protea. The love of plants is something we all share together.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Protea Wedding Inspiration: Luz and Philippe Wiliamson

You KNOW how much we love protea farming! Well, we couldn’t be more excited to share some homegrown protea wedding inspiration with you. Mel and I got to be on both sides of the wedding fence this month when our friend Flor Franco’s daughter, Luz, tied the knot in a beautiful garden estate over-looking La Jolla shores. Flor said she wanted proteas for Luz’s wedding but when asked to design and create all the décor and accessories, we were thrilled. It’s not too often we get the opportunity to create the bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, arch, flower girl accessories, garnish the cake and enjoy the flowers we grow while attending the wedding as guests.

Let’s just say that, for farmers who love proteas, we were in heaven and OMG… the arch, the cake, the bouquets! I just love the way this wedding combined the elements of soft and strong – protea, Serruria blushing bride, Brunia albiflora and vibrant pincushions mixed with the dreamiest of fabrics in hues of cream and teal, contrasting with colorful water carafes. For us, it was the perfect representation of the flowers we’re so passionate about growing!

Beauty was a huge hallmark of this wedding day, every detail from the scenic venue to the alluring décor was absolutely breathtaking.