Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 26th Declared “Mel Resendiz Day”

On Tuesday, January 26th the County of San Diego, California declared the day “Mel Resendiz Day”. Congratulations Mel! We couldn’t be more excited to share the news! The Proclamation was presented by Supervisor Bill Horn and all the members of the County Board of Supervisors. Mel was recognized and honored as one of those individuals that are dedicated to the best ideals of public service. Mel received this prestigious award with his brother, Raul, by his side.

Friday, January 29, 2016

In the Field: Heather Sparsa

Another beautiful sunny day, and just on the way out of the office for a field trip, all good things for keeping creative floral inspiration flowing, and you may have noticed that here, lately, it has been nearly overflowing, thanks to a wonderful combination of raindrops and sunshine!

This field trip is all about Heather Sparsa!

Heather Sparsa or sometimes called ker-ker or Pink-smoke heath is a fynbos shrub that produces masses of small, pale rosy pink to white flowers in early winter, that turn the whole bush pink completely obscuring the leaves. And, when held in the palm of your hand, the delicate stem has the texture of velvet.

Its common name ker-ker is mimicking the sound made when walking through and brushing past the plants. Pink-smoke heath refers to the way the flowers cover the upward-pointing flowering branches, making them look like plumes of pink smoke rising up.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Color: Gold Strike

Every February, it dawns on us that winter is a choice. With one trip to the Gold Strike field, we can escape to a ‘botanical haven’ filled with rays of golden sunshine, leaving the winter blues behind. The one thought that some may ponder? What’s its real name? Some call this gorgeous yellow foliage – Yellow Conebush, Cone Bush, Sunshine Conebush, Sunshine Protea Safari Gold Strike or simply leucadendron Gold Strike.

Well, whatever you want to call this winter foliage - it is amazing at this time of the year! It’s one of the most colorful leucadendron - a cross of Strobolinum and Laureolum. Hardy and Tall, Gold Strike has narrow oblong, green leaves spirally arranged on the branches. And, what people first think of as the flowers that look like yellow tulips are in fact bright-yellow bracts.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Instagram: Photos We Dig

10 Inspirational photos from YUNUSKARMA -Istanbul, Turkey. Yunus Cetin takes inspiration from nature and hears him respectfully, to integrate people with an array of botanical treasures. This lovely Instagram portfolio is bursting with beautiful bouquets, accessories and all kinds of artistic designs created in an organic way to ensure the continuity of style.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rose Parade 2016: Behind the Scenes with the Miracle-Groers

While I’m usually content curling up on the couch to watch the Rose Parade on New Year’s morning, this year Miracle-Gro and their Miracle-Groers made the holiday an adventure! If you’re big on floats, flowers, farmers and gardeners, follow me to Pasadena, where the float Life Starts Here was unveiled. With a recipe calling for California grown flowers and foliage (plus 2 well-placed license plates), Miracle-Gro showcased California's awesome blossoms and "nature's pollinators" that keep the beauty of magnificent crops so abundant throughout the state. The float's sensational display of flowers represented all farming regions of California. I invite you not only to take another peek at this amazing float, but to glimpse behind the scenes as the Miracle-Groers prepared for their ride down Colorado Blvd.

Dubbed the "Miracle-Groers": school garden director, Mud Baron; flower farmer, Harry Van Wingerden; writer, Bonnie Jo Manion; blogger, Susan Phillips; TV host, Ty Pennington and our very own, Mel Resendiz arrived with flowers for the float.

A Welcoming Reception - Mel, Mud and Ty.

The Press Event: Float Decorating at Fiesta Float Barn. During this event, media was there to capture the Miracle-Groers arriving to the float barn with their flowers and then applying their own flowers to the Miracle-Gro parade float.

KTLA Live - Bring them on!

Not only a farmer – An artist as well!

Float Judging Day and CCFC Certification Ceremony

California Secretary of Food and Agriculture, Karen Ross, certifying the Miracle-Gro float "California Grown."

Ready for the ride of a Lifetime!

Miracle-Gro was awarded the prestigious "Governor's Trophy" for "Best Depiction of Life in California"

That is how you build a parade float! With a full-on salute to California Grown flowers and nature's pollinators, the 2016 Miracle-Gro float was a real show-stopping stunner.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Inspirational Floral News:

Amazing It Was The Best Year Ever
For CA Grown Certified Rose Parade Floats

I can remember vividly the conversation with flower farmer and CCFC Commissioner June VanWingerden over seven years ago about how the Commission needed to make an effort to be a part of the Rose Parade again. She felt that the Rose Parade was a natural place for us to raise the profile of our farms during the biggest one day floral focused event in the country, that just so happened to be in our own backyard.

So, with promotion committee’s blessing, we went to work.

Read the rest of this article at Field Position.