Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Bright & Cheerful: High Gold

Yellow flowers will always be chic. You can count on a sunny bloom to elevate your mood thanks to the color's bright and cheery appeal. The lively hue is often linked with sunshine, warmth, and happiness… emotions that are all worth relishing. Beyond yellow’s symbolic meaning, it's important to remember how versatile it is when picking out flowers. Matching yellow blooms with other flowers and foliage is easy, especially because the shade blends well with most others.

If you're creating a spring design and want a color scheme that represents the season, you might want to select a yellow Leucospermum, like High Gold. A spring fave here on the farm that delivers a cheerful pop of vivid yellow blooms beautifully displayed on long, straight stems, now through May.

High Gold is statement-making not only due to its color but its awesome texture too, so you can work in just a small brust of color with a few well-placed blooms. Take this centerpiece, for example. The High Gold, as seen here, do not need to be the focal point to make a statement. The vibrant color has that covered, without monopolizing the whole arrangement.

Whether you prefer to mix a variety of colors throughout your design or you're a fan of a monochromatic, you shouldn't underestimate how brightly High Gold can shine.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Spring: A Time of Revival & Beauty

Spring is a time of revival and beauty, and nowhere is that more evident than in our fields. The onset of spring is the time when many proteas burst into bloom and do they ever! Unique blooms open to a rainbow of lively hues, from golden yellows and vibrant oranges to pastel pinks and soft creams. Proteas are a token of spring, conveying special symbolism, and the spirit of the Easter season.

This amazing family of flowers and foliage represents beauty, which is fitting for their exotic and unique appearance. When placed next to other beautiful flowers, proteas will stand out in any arrangement. Each flower's presence is perceived as a symbol of elegance, individuality, courage, and resilience.

Let our seasonal bounty of proteas inspire and entice to enhance your holiday arrangements.

For glorious color turn to Leucospermum or pincushions, like Brandi dela Cruz with its vibrant, textural bloom (almost six inches in diameter) and the showy golden-yellow and orange hues. Leucospermum put all their art into the colors of their flowers as well as the flowing shape of each curving component. These fanciful blooms atop sturdy stems create colorful focal points when displayed in floral designs.

Protea come in a variety of sizes and colors, with Pink Duke being one of our spring favorites. This lovely cultivar produces large, rose-pink blooms with a light pink central dome and white feathery tips. It has the soft green leaves of the P. magnifica and the clear velvety, pink flower of the P. Trish Compacta.

Grevillea Misty Pink, similar to Leucospermum in texture but long instead of round. These pink and cream lollipop-like protea are also called Bush Toothbrush, Spiderman and fittingly named Bush Lollies. They’re what we call ‘fun flowers’ because they add so much animation and color when mixed in centerpieces.

Leucadendron Pom Pom in stunning hues of cream and maroon. As with all Leucadendron, the emphasis is placed on the beauty of the foliage and leaves. The colorful petals of the Leucadendron are called bracts or modified leaves, and the true flower is the cone nestled among their bracts.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

In the Field: Leucospermum Spider

As protea season winds down at the end of winter, Leucospermum ‘Pincushions’ take center stage in the fields offering up vibrant blooms that put on a quite a show from now into May.

While we all love the more traditional Leucospermum cordifoliums like Sunrise, Succession and Flame Giant, the Spiders have a few of their own advantages. They start blooming in winter which means more of us can enjoy them with a mix of other proteas. And since they produce flowers in masses on long, straight stems, you’re pretty much assured a blooming great show. Finally, it’s one 'Spider' that won't give anyone the creeps!

This lovely hybrid Leucopermum with its delicate hues is a mix of L. tottum and formosum, with the tottum parentage especially obvious. The salmon-pink to mauve flowers and with red tipped stamens are 5 to 6” wide. Spiders are a wonderful alternative if you’re color palette calls for blooms in shades of pink long after protea season has finished.

Spiders are being harvested right now and as you can see... they’re simply stunning in seasonal bouquets and arrangements.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Stunning Spring Arrangements Using Seasonal Proteas

What's not to love about springtime gatherings? The weather, the natural settings, and the longer days are all major highlights, but the best part of the season may just be the abundance of florals in bloom. This, of course, applies to spring protea arrangements. There's something about an awe-inspiring centerpiece packed with in-season proteas that’s sure to attract all your guests’ attention and, of course be the talk of the table.

What’s the best part about proteas that come to life in the spring? Many are about as bountiful as it gets, especially the Leucopermum ‘Pincushions’ and Leucadendron…. which pretty much ensures that there's a suitable option for any color palette. You can find many of these proteas in vibrant hues, as evidenced by this arrangement; the mix features a gamut of shades, from the golden-peach hues of Leucopermum Brandi dela Cruz and the vibrant red Phil Parvin to the sweet buttery-cream bracts and red cones of Leucadendron Red Eye and the vivid purple Isopogon. This breathtking centerpiece speaks to the season and its array of possibilities.

Feeling inspired by all the spring options? Then take a look at these gorgeous, arrangements for a little pre-gathering inspiration and let the amazing proteas featured help guide your own spring floral search.

This stunning centerpiece is proof of the season's wide array of proteas – blooming Leucadendron, textural Grevillea and colorful Protea and Leucospermum.

Looking for a little floral romance to add the occasion? Take a cue from this Protea, Grevillea and Leucadendron composition.

Protea-lovers, this pink-everything design is for you. One word of advice: Include a neutral hue (the creamy Leucadendron) to temper the bright color palette.