Thursday, September 29, 2016

In the Field: Protea Neriifolia

A fall favorite here at Resendiz Brothers! With a velvety touch and Parisian flair – Protea Neriifolia more commonly called Pink or White Mink embodies sensuality and elegance. Its hardy leathery leaves help protect it against most insect attacks.

Horticulturists were growing Neriifolia in glasshouses in Europe long before it was officially named in 1810. In fact, it was one of the first protea to be mentioned in botanical literature, and from as early as the 19th century people could buy cream or pink flowering plants from nurseries in England.

There are many different varieties of Neriifolia. Here are just a few of the awesome varieties we're harvesting this month.

Silver Tip

Rose Mink

Green Ice

Hawaiian Mink

Pink Mink

Red Robe

Red Mink

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Farm Tour Day: Satisfying the Craving for Local

Did you know agriculture is the fourth largest industry in San Diego County? It is a two billion dollar industry - San Diego County has more farms than any other county in the United States. Most of our local farms are small ‘boutique farms’ growing ornamental shrubs and trees, house plants and of course, flowers.

More and more people who have never been on a farm have a growing interest in where their food and flowers comes from. In 2011 a National Grocers Association survey revealed that shoppers choose a grocery store based partly on whether it stocks produce from regional farmers. Top chefs in the United States say local foods are a top restaurant trend and a whopping 7000 American cities and towns have local farmers’ markets.

So, this year when the San Diego Farm Bureau asked us to open our gate and give tours during their 7th annual Farm Tour Day on September 17th, we rolled out the green carpet to over 400 adults, children and a few pets craving for local. Visitors toured the packing house, cooler, greenhouse and nursery. They even stopped by the office to enjoy a picnic lunch, pose with flowers on their heads and grab flowers and plant to enjoy at home.

It was a fun and educational day for our friends of farming. They left the tour inspired and learned that family farms are an American tradition. Every time they make a local purchase, they help support a family business.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Kick off to Parade Season: Everything is Coming up Roses

There was no better way for us to help celebrate Miracle-Gro’s kick off to the 2017 Parade Season than by creating some beautiful centerpieces for guests to enjoy during Muir Ranch’s field-to-vase luncheon. Mel whipped up his own special recipe of roses, protea, leucospermum, leucadendron, grevillea and a sprig of serruria, and off to Pasadena we went.

The day greeted guests with blue skies and warm temperatures, making for a perfect afternoon to help to expand the farm's footprint. Throughout the morning volunteers kicked off parade season by helping students install 100 California grown rose bushes that will become part or Muir Ranch's new rose garden.

This is the third year Miracle-Gro has supported the program through their Tournament of Roses Partnership. Miracle-Gro representatives and Ty Pennington, Miracle-Gro’s spokesperson, were on-hand to help plant the rose bushes and reinforce their commitment to the community. As an added surprise, during the luncheon attendees were the first to see Miracle-Gro's 2017 Rose Parade float design.

'Everything's Coming Up Roses' is Miracle-Gro's Rose Parade salute to America's National flower and the most popular grown flower in backyard gardens. From tiny miniature roses to large vibrant blossoms, over 25,000 California grown roses will be featured throughout this beautiful float.

This year's parade theme: 'Echoes of Success' celebrates those people, organizations and institutions that have made an impact on someone's life. Miracle-Gro’s 2017 float will honor the very flower for which the Parade is named!

Special thanks go out to Harry Van Wingerden from Myriad Flowers International for providing the roses for the centerpieces and the bushes for the school’s new rose garden.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Instagram: Photos We Dig

Ten fabulous photos from Nouba, an Australian blog about inspiring and creative weddings. They’re all about brides & grooms doing things their own way on their big day. Throughout their site you’ll find a wealth of inspiration, with daily blog posts of real weddings, hands-on DIY ideas, the latest in unique bridal fashion and just about anything to satisfy your knot-tying needs.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Farm Life Inspiration: Visiting Pauline

Imagine a life where days are spent tending to the land on which you live. The food you eat is the food you grew. You get your hands dirty – and it’s always with a smile. Adorable dogs, cats, and cows grace you with their presence every day. Beauty is all around, and you never cease to notice it.

I first met Pauline Nogueira during the summer of 2012. An aspiring student of agriculture from the Campus de Pouille in Angers, France, she came to Resendiz Brothers to fulfill an internship requirement. Pauline spent three months here on the farm learning about protea farming –propagating, planting, harvesting, packing and bouquet making. It was a very memorable summer for me, as I not only had an extra helping hand, I made a wonderful new friend!

Pauline has long since return to France, she finished her studies at the university and returned to her village in Pamiers. Her passion for agriculture and farming has now become a way of life, her livelihood! I had the pleasure to meet up with Pauline again this summer and experience the beauty she sees every day on her farm in Southern France.

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden." - Thomas Jefferson

I am very proud of Pauline and the wonderful farmer she has become. I am proud of how she takes care of the land and the environment. And I know there are families who appreciate and enjoy the food she grows, for them every day is a farm to fork experience.

Thank you so much, Pauline! Merci beaucoup! I loved my visit to Pamiers and your amazing farm!