Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Flame Giants are Blooming!

The Leucospermum Flame Giants are putting on quite a show here on the farm.

Of all the proteas that flower in spring, the Leucospermum, especially the Flame Giants, provide a dazzling display. We have thousands of plants scattered on several parcels high up in the hills of Rainbow. When they bloom this time of year, the fields erupt with spectacular color… vivid orange with golden tips. The textural blooms are formed mainly with long, sprout-like structures that end in a round knob called a pollen presenter.

Flame Giants, famed for having some of the largest flower heads reaching 5 to 6 inches wide, were originally introduced from a seedling raised in 1974 and registered in South Africa under the name 'Vlam' in 1981. This name means "flame", "flash" or "blaze" in Afrikaans. They’re also called Giant Orange Nodding Pincushion. Flame Giants thrive perfectly in our Mediterranean climate and make ideal landscape plants.

Friday, May 26, 2023

King Protea - The Talk of the Table

One of the biggest perks to planning a spring social or event is the abundance of in-season protea just begging to be harvested for floral arrangements. Early in the season you can look for serruria, leucospermum and waratah while in late spring you can expect Protea cynaroides or king protea in hues of pink, red and white.

Known for its crown-like shape and dinner plate sized blooms, kings epitomize everything we all love about spring: Their shades complement nearly any seasonal-inspired color palette, their shape is bold yet organic, and the texture smooth and hardy. In short, they hit all the senses.

There are over eighty varieties of kings and they're divided into groups according to their leaf type. The leathery leaves vary from large and rounded to small and narrow. The artichoke-like appearance of the blooms nod to the name cynaroides, which means ‘like cynara’… the artichoke. Each flower-head consists of numerous small, tubular-shaped blooms or also called an inflorescence.

So, make the most of your spring gatherings and let these chic beauties become the talk of the table. We guarantee your guests will be captivated.