Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Gift of Flowers

Between soil and sky - That’s where you’ll find Muir Ranch Director, Mud Baron and his student farmers on any given day! Muir's mission is to teach their students important business and life skills, provide them with meaningful employment, and improve access to fresh, locally-grown produce and flowers! Currently, Muir Ranch employs dozens of students year-round. These are jobs which have been made possible via community support, donations, special events, farmers markets and fund raising.

So, this Valentine's Day with flowers being top of mind, Resendiz Brothers and several of the neighboring farms decided to give a gift of flowers to Muir’s student farmers. We literally stuffed the school van! Everything from ranunculus, to protea, waxflower, heather, acacia, boxwood and more were donated so the students could create Valentine’s bouquets and arrangements to sell in Pasadena and the surrounding communities. Needless to say, the flowers sold out and all the proceeds raised will be used to fund more student farmer jobs! Awesome!

Many thanks to Mellano & Company, Obra Verde Growers, Rainbow Protea, Protea USA and Sandoval Farms for their generous support!

The Secret Life of the Boutonniere

I’ll just come right out and say it: boutonnieres have been getting around DC lately. Those small ‘bouquets’ we thought were only designed to add a splash of color and texture to a wedding party’s lapels have actually been leading double lives. This week they were spotted on the Hill throughout the halls of Congress and the Senate? And, even in the offices of the USDA? The truth is, boutonnieres have become a lot more versatile than they may seem at first glance. For the 20 American Flower Farmers visiting our nation’s capital this week, they provided a lot of flower power – they’ve become a special kind of ‘calling card’ and a great conversation piece!

So, when it’s time for the annual CCFC Fly-in, we step back and call in our flower farmer florist Andrea Gagnon from LynnVale Studios (thanks, Andrea!). Crafted with only American Grown flowers, each boutonniere she created was unique and bursting with personality - keep scrolling to see what I mean.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Instagram: Photos We Dig

10 Inspirational photos from gladdish. Grace is a flower farmer florist, artist and mother of 5. Swallows Nest Farm, a Protea and Native Australian Flower Farm, is situated on the beautiful Tasman Peninsula in rural South-Eastern Tasmania. They sell amazing farm fresh wholesale flowers and provide a local floral arrangement service.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spring-Ready: Leucadendron & Leucospermum

Now that all of winter holidays are officially over and we’re recovering from the hustle and bustle of Valentine’s Day, we’re ready for the next Big Thing. By which we mean, of course, springtime. Bring on the days al fresco, pickup trucks full of colorful flowering Leucadendron and Leucospermum in shades of red, orange, yellow and even multi-tones are a welcome sight! These amazing flowers add so much texture to bouquets and arrangements, and they look fabulous mixed with just about any other blooms! Mother Nature – Bring them on!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

In the Field: Guichenotia macrantha

Flowers are the little something that can change nearly everything. From bouquets of fresh-cut flowers to elaborate arrangements, each inspires a burst of floral bliss and a lot of drama (the good kind). With the season’s abundance of Australian wildflowers scattered throughout the fields, we turn to a ‘newbie’ here on the farm Yanchep Bells.

Guichenotia macrantha or also called Yanchep Bells is a beautiful flowering Australian Native shrub. It’s no secret that we think this gorgeous plant should definitely be receiving more attention from florists and designers for its wonderful flowers and foliage.

Guichenotia macrantha has delicate bell or lantern shaped pink to mauve flowers with very attractive silvery-grey foliage. Flowering from mid-winter through to early spring this wildflower adds a unique look and texture to bouquets and arrangements.

What to look for:
  • Branches with 1/3 to 1/2 of flowers open. 
  • Avoid bunches with wilted tips, yellow leaves or signs of flower drop.

Flower Care:
  1. Keep cool at all times. 
  2. Strip leaves from the bottom half of each stem. 
  3. Re-cut at least 1/2” off each stem and place in cold water. 
  4. Always use a preservative as this will help keep open flowers looking fresh. 
  5. Replace water every day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Inspirational News: Field to Vase

Receiving a bouquet of flowers is fun. Sharing a sumptuous meal with farmers who grow those blooms is magical. That's what guests who've attended Field to Vase Dinner Tours say about the public events held at greenhouses and flower farms throughout California and the U.S. The "pop-up" parties are intimate events that include behind-the-scenes farm tours, floral design demonstrations, fine wines and a gourmet meal prepared by chefs acclaimed in the local area—all in the midst of a lavish array of flowers. Read the rest of this article at California bountiful.