Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Holiday Gifting the Natural Way

The holiday season is upon us, and there’s nothing we love more than adorning our gift packages with nature-inspired trimmings, and we don't even have to venture into the fields to find them. Throughout the year, a wealth of dried protea, foliage, and cones can be salvaged from bouquets, centerpieces and wreaths and re-used as embellishments. But it's certainly not too late for you to muster up some flowers and other botanical materials, your Thanksgiving decor can be re-purposed for Christmas gifting. Or, step outside. Decorations for the holiday are all around you.

For the materials, we incorporate fresh and dried proteas, cones and seed pods. Choosing some traditional holiday colors such as gold, green and silver but also some more non-traditional like pink and brown. Plus, using neutral looking wrapping paper and ribbon provide an added organic and hand-crafted feel.

This year… ‘think outside of the box’ and have fun with your own gift giving this season!

Flower News: November’s Stories of Interest from Around the World

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Flowers More Sustainable

We’re pumped to see businesses and couples alike becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of weddings, and floristry is one area where this has become a real priority. And before you start picturing foraged posies and native-everything (not those things aren’t awesome) let us assure you that sustainable practices can still mean high end floral design.

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An Autumnal Boho Wedding with Rust Bridesmaids Dresses, Spicy Fall Florals, and Copper Details

There’s something about Fall color that is just truly magical. Burnished yellows, spicy rust tones, pumpkin orange and coffee really bring the warm and cozies to a wedding day! When Chels and Danté began planning their lavish Fall wedding at Giracci Vineyards, they knew they wanted every detail to represent them. Based on their vibrant and fun personalities, we’d say their color palette choices were spot on!! With the help of Weddings by Cortney Helaine, they planned a boho fête that was full of lush fall florals, macramé decor, copper details and the cutest rust bridesmaids dresses!

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How to Dry Protea

Dried flowers add long-lasting beauty to any decor and can be made into keepsakes for weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. Drying your own flowers at home saves money and allows you to preserve flowers from your garden that otherwise would wither and die. Protea is a large, exotic flower available in many vibrant shades, such as dark pink, blood red, bright yellow and caramel. Once dried, the colors will fade over time, leaving behind tan flowers which look gorgeous in wreaths or bouquets.

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Relieving Stress During the Holidays

While a wonderful season, the holidays can sometimes bring on as much stress as joy. From shopping, to organizing the guest lists, to putting up the decorations, our growing to-do list can add to our feelings of overwhelm and worry about how we are going to get everything done. According to a recent poll, 68 percent of people feel stress on a weekly basis, and 32 percent experience stress daily.

It’s important in these hectic times to step back, breathe, and take opportunities to have a moment of calm, so we can enjoy the holiday festivities, rather than stress over them.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Resendiz Brothers 2020 Calendar

For the last twenty years we’ve designed and created our own special Resendiz Brothers calendar, which we proudly share with all our friends and family. The time spent crafting the calendar has become very special to us as it gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months while rummaging through fabulous photos to select our top thirteen favorites. The cover is usually a photograph that received quite a bit of attention during the year or reminds us of an important occasion, and this year's choice - was no exception. The remaining twelve photographs are thoughtfully placed in the calendar to represent the months when the proteas pictured are typically in bloom. Scroll on down and have a sneak peek at a few of our picks… they are a combination of arrangements, bouquets and wreaths!

Sometimes good things come to an end, so that better and greater things can begin. Bring on 2020!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Protea Repens

The famed Sugarbush or Suikerbossie, Protea repens, was South Africa's national flower until 1976. It got its common name, Sugarbush, from the abundance of nectar that the blooms produce. So much in fact that early settlers in South Africa’s Cape Province, collected the nectar and made syrup called “bossiestroop”. Cape sugarbirds are also very fond of the sweet nectar and can often be seen chasing one another as they feast from one bush to the next.

Sugarbush or Suikerbossie (Afrikaans) is also a term of endearment that could be translated as "sweetie". The song Suikerbossie ek wil jou he (Sugarbush, I want you so) was composed on Lion's Head in Cape Town and shows how sweet the Sugarbush must be to inspire such romance. Suikerbossie ek wil jou he is a traditional South African Barn Dance Song and this English version of the song eventually became an international hit.


Sugarbush, I want you so
Sugarbush, I want you so
Sugarbush, I want you so
What will your mother want to say.
Then like that, we'll walk under the moon
Then like that, we'll walk under the moon
Then like that, we'll walk under the moon
Together, my sugarbush and I.

Sugarbush are harvested here in California from autumn through early winter - so now's the time to make these beautiful blooms a part of your next arrangement or bouquet!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Cornucopia: A Symbol of the Harvest

Chances are you’ve seen a cornucopia before—you know, one of these horn-shaped baskets that appears everywhere during the harvest season. It’s possible, as you read this, you might even be planning to create one for your Thanksgiving gathering. A lovely, eye-catching display using your favorite flowers, foliage, fruit, cones and pods for your friends and family to enjoy. After all, Thanksgiving and cornucopias go together like turkey and stuffing or mashed potatoes and gravy. They all pair perfectly.

Thanksgiving has always been epic to harvest time, and it's always taken place in the autumn… so it's natural that the holiday would include the cornucopia, which traditionally represents all of those things. Beyond that premise though, at what time the cornucopia made its way into our country's consciousness as a Thanksgiving symbol is difficult to say. But with its meaning of abundance, prosperity and good fortune, the horn of plenty now embodies Americans’ thoughts of thankfulness. Whether referred to as a cornucopia or horn of plenty… the meaning of this ancient symbol still resonates today.