Tuesday, February 26, 2019

In the Field: Leucadendron Harvest

Leucadendron Harvest - it's what we call the perfect ‘winter pick-me-up’! An Australian-raised cultivar that originated from an ‘accidental seedling’ of L. stelligerum! And it is obvious why this Leucadendron is celebrated for its colorful ‘daisy-like’ blooms that are so flamboyantly displayed. The sheer volume of the flowers makes for a spectacular winter show. Harvest’s colorful petals or bracts take on soft creamy-yellow and white hues with a splash of rusty-orange on the edges surrounding the rich yellow-orange ‘true’ flower that is nestled among the bracts. Simply Gorgeous!

Flower News: February’s Stories of Interest from Around the World

Protea plants are ancient mystery we haven’t solved

One day, an instructor brought a bouquet of flowers to a gardening class I was attending. Amongst the more common flowers was something that closely resembled an artichoke, but certainly not the kind that I have encountered on my plate!

This flower would grace any festive occasion.

At the end of class, I was lucky enough to be able to take it home. Upon drying, it continued to be almost as beautiful as when fresh, and I placed it in a vase with other less flamboyant dried flowers. This spectacular flower turned out to be a Protea, a native South African member of the Proteaceae.

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US (PA): Official FTD World Cup
competition schedule announced

FTD World Cup, the world’s most prestigious floral design competition, will be held for the first time in the United States of America since 1985 at the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show from March 1-3, 2019.

The competition will include 23 of the world’s most creative designers selected to represent their country. FTD World Cup will take place on the main show floor of the Flower Show, the nation’s largest and longest-running horticultural event. Tickets are required to gain access to the Flower Show and the two FTD events in the Grand Ballroom at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

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Here We Go! Check Out the Line Up of Farms For the 2019 Certified American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour

The fifth season of the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour has just been announced, and we want you check out the destinations, grab all of your flower-loving friends and join us on a flower farm for an award-winning experience you’ll never forget. We couldn’t be more excited about the lineup of farms involved with this year’s floral-infused dinner tour. Known for stopping at America’s most beautiful flower farms, this year’s tour features amazing locations, including a peony farm in Alaska and a return visit to one of our most popular stops!

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Women's Day 2019

Did you know the first Women’s Day was celebrated in 1908 when a group of women marched on the streets of New York, demanding their rights? Since then every year on the 8th of March the world unites to support, raise, inspire and motivate women. The purpose of this day is to focus on various themes such as inspiring change, recognition of women in the arts, or the importance of education and career opportunities. This year’s theme: ‘Better the Balance, Better the World’ it’s a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world.

If you’re feeling inspired and wondering how you can celebrate Women's Day… we have a few ideas:

  • With Flowers, of course! It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman to join in on the celebration - it is perfectly acceptable for a man to give flowers to the women in his life, as well as, women to share flowers with their friends, family and co-workers.
  • Learn why the day is important. As women's accomplishments, particularly those that have to do with the home (raising children, cleaning, cooking, etc.) are often ignored and overlooked. This day helps to remind people of the important things that women do every day.
  • Help raise awareness. Mention that it's Women's Day to people you know, your family, your coworkers, your friends. Discuss with them why it's an important day and why it's important to treat women with respect and to acknowledge their contributions to society.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Color Inspiration: Orange

Some colors are simply inspiring. Take orange, for instance, it is a vibrant and warm color. It represents sun, fun, warmth and tropical settings. Orange is considered a fun color with scrumptious and delicious qualities. It boosts the oxygen supply to the brain and kindles mental activity. As a citrus color, orange is associated with healthy food and it fuels the appetite. If you love having friends gather around your dinner table, orange makes guests more social, encourages conversation and extends the meal time.

In color psychology, orange is hopeful and uplifting. In fact, orange is so optimistic and uplifting, that we all should find ways to implement it in our day to day routines. Orange adds spontaneity and a positive way of looking at life. And with great Enthusiasm, orange calls for adventure, risk-taking and individuality.

Orange is also very popular among young people, they respond very well to it, as it is bursting with youthful spontaneity.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Spring Thoughts

Spring may officially begin on the 20th of March, but for anyone who loves Leucadendron as much as we do, spring starts in early January when the first Leucadendron take on vivid shades of cream, white, yellow, gold and maroon. Inca gold turns a bright yellow color with a touch of red on the tips. Gold Strike transforms into beautiful yellow ‘tulips’ and Maui Sunset is simply stunning in hues of white and pink. The Safari Sunset, which is red or burgundy most of the year, lives up to its name as it changes to ‘Tricolor’ with lovely multicolored bracts in hues of maroon, green and gold.

As the weather gets cold the leaves or bracts of the Leucadendron change colors becoming brighter and more intense. This fabulous foliage seems to ‘wake up’ and turn into vibrant flowers in their own right. Our bouquets and wreaths take their inspiration from the wonderful colors and textures of this long-lasting accent foliage.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

California Bountiful

A wet winter here in California can only mean one thing. Well, scratch that. Not just one thing, it means a bounty of wonderful things for nature. For years, this state has endured such severe dry spells that crops wither, flowers bloom erratically, fruit trees sit barren, streams dry up, and neighbors traded in their lawns for cactus, rocks and cement. But this year, California is receiving more precipitation than normal, and the results are simply glorious. Not only are some drought effects reversing, but wildflowers are starting to bloom on hillsides creating a carpet of color… truly a beautiful sight!

That being said… we’re also seeing some fabulous floral sights here in the hills of Rainbow. The season's colorful leucadendron along with bright leucospermum, gorgeous protea, textural banksia and frilly Australian wildflowers provide a feast for the eyes.

Guichenotia macrantha or Yanchep Bells

Leucadendron Maui Sunset

Waxflower Purple Gem and Jenny

Leucospermum Phil Parvin

Banksia Menziesii

Leucadendron Gold Strike

Protea Grandicolor

Best of all, when these gorgeous flowers are mixed into a bouquet or tucked into an arrangement, they are simply ‘Breathtaking’!