Friday, January 26, 2018

American Floral Trends Forecast 2018 – 2019

This month Florists' Review Magazine presented the 8th biennial trend forecast developed exclusively for the floral industry. It’s their hope that each of the four imaginative looks they created will inspire compelling and successful flower arrangements, merchandising decisions, retail atmospheres, and wedding and event themes. As we perused the pages of this guide, we couldn't help but wonder what flowers and foliage we grow would mesh with these floral trends.

Hanami: Flower Viewing – The Transient Beauty of Flowers

This Asian-influenced trend emphasizes the richness of the red hue, and maroon, peony and coral are embraced. Bold statements are punctuated by complementing the strong colors with dark green foliage.

Crescendo: Low & High Notes – Subdued Colors Infused

As if a gardener is conducting the color palette, the perennial blush is accompanied by raspberry pinks and intensified with lavender hyacinth. The herbal tones are introduced with the muted greens of basil and the earthiness of beach. Robin’s egg blue is a key element in this trend.

Kaleidoscope: Embracing an “Anything Goes” Vibe

Combinations of green and blue burst from the “Kaleidoscope” color palette. The strong contrast of Tangerine makes its present felt as the dominant accent.

Wildroot: Modern Farmhouse – Back to One’s Roots

The softer shades of greys found in gray flannel and lavender are prevalent in this palette, with granite being represented as a black detailing element. Radish makes a contrasting statement, with salmon highlighted by metallic copper.

To view the entire Guide, click here.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Protea Nitida

Commonly known as waboom (Afrikaans for wagon tree) and botanically known as Protea nitida or arborea. This is a South African shrub, native to the dry slopes of South Africa where it often attains a knotted picturesque habit, has both functional and ornamental uses. In Africa waboom was traditionally used to make ink and construct wheel-wheels.

However, this protea is also a lovely shrub or tree with large, ivory flowers and beautiful foliage. Waboom has long, oval leaves that are leathery and fully evergreen. They emerge opaque magenta but mature to a light bluish 'sea-green' or silver. Large, white flowers bloom mainly during the winter and early spring. Each blossom opens from a tidy bud to an impressive flower with creamy-white spike-like stamens. Once the flowers dry, beautiful pods remain to be enjoyed.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Designing with the Fallbrook Garden Club

“I must have flowers, always and always,” said Claude Monet.

We couldn’t agree with him more! But in January, for many gardeners it’s easier said than done. The garden is relatively sparse and those bare-root plants are just starting to get their feet wet. Attempting to create your own winter floral display can feel a bit like decorating Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

But that’s not to say the gardeners or ‘Monets’ among us are out of luck. On Saturday morning we teamed up with several members of the Fallbrook Garden Club (and a lot of protea), and created winter arrangements that would warm up any home or office.

Our guests toured the greenhouse, nursery and packing house, and learned about propagating and growing protea. We even shared tips about what’s currently blooming in our fields and how to arrange them in a handy ‘re-useable’ container… something they’ll use again when their gardens are back in bloom.