Thursday, December 26, 2019

Holiday Centerpieces for the Farmers Market

I always look to the fields for inspiration when planning my holiday centerpieces. We were fortunate to have a relatively mild fall, and I got to reap the rewards. A bounty of gorgeous protea hung around a bit later this year, and their fresh, bold blooms looked absolutely fabulous in my arrangements for the Old Town Temecula Farmers’ Market.

In addition to using fresh protea, I love the idea of mixing a bit of dried protea material in centerpieces too… it makes for the Perfect Union. There’s no rule against combining dried flowers with fresh blooms. In fact, the effect can be stunning. Dried flowers can add unique texture and color to designs. A Protea Pod or sometimes called “Protea Flat” for example, is the wood-like base and stem of the flower that’s left after the long bracts and center dome are removed. They're wonderful when added to designs… giving them a bit of a vintage appeal.

There’s no doubt, when both fresh and dried protea find their place in an arrangement, they finish a story that began in Gondwanaland and triumphed over a thousand adversities. They represent a special kind of bond, a link to the past and a reminder of the present.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

December Articles of Interest

Resendiz Brothers Earns BloomCheck Certification

Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers was one of the first three farms in the country to earn BloomCheck certification when the program started in 2013. In another first, they’ve become one of the earliest farms to renew their certification.

“I really felt that it was important that our customers realize that we’re dedicated to sustainable farming, that we respect the land and we’re environmentally friendly,” Diana Roy business manager for Resendiz Brothers, said of becoming an early adopter.

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Les Hodge | A hardy work of exotic, alien beauty

Leucadendrons are tough, easy-to-grow plants given their preferred growing conditions of deep acidic soil in full sun with plenty of air circulation.

Many can withstand strong, salty winds so are suited to coastal areas. Most will take light frost and are drought tolerant once established, making them a good choice for our hot summers.

The flowers are woody cone-like structures giving rise to the leucadendron's common name of cone bush.

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30 Amazing Protea Wedding Bouquets

Protea plants, also known as sugarbushes, have become a favorite in the wedding world. The blooms—which are native to South Africa—come in a number of different varieties, and each is beloved for its unique shape or color. These include the big king protea, the unusual pincushion protea, and the aptly-named blushing bride protea. Whichever you like, we recommend incorporating it into your wedding bouquet for a bold and beautiful arrangement. For inspiration, look no further than these unique protea wedding bouquet ideas.

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Unique Protea Holiday Décor Workshop

If you’re a fan of Rene’s Bouquets or any of the floral publications where his books and designs have appeared, our Holiday Workshop designer needs no introduction. However, if not… he’s a local resident and internationally renowned designer, author, presenter and instructor. Rene van Rems fills his days consulting, providing hands-on design instruction, as well as doing presentations and seminars for trade groups, garden clubs, horticultural societies and museum fundraisers. He is a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD), The National Speakers Association, and the Professional Floral Commentators International (PFCI).

Busy designer that he is, we were thrilled when Rene agreed to teach a Protea Holiday Décor Workshop here on the farm. He and a group of students spent an entire day whipping up festive wreaths and gorgeous pillar candle centerpieces. Plus, everyone had an opportunity to chat and share information about themselves during a ‘family style’ Mexican feast.

In appreciation for the day’s spectacular floral artistry, and for all our friends who weren’t able to join us… keep scrolling down to have a peak at some of the workshop activities!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

In the Field: Royal Mink

Royal Mink just recently entered the Protea scene here in Rainbow and has done so in quite a regal fashion! Considered a hybrid queen, this protea is a blend of magnifica or queen and neriifolia. This majestic bloom has a medium-to-large flowering head with a velvety touch and Parisian flair… obviously accenting its neriifolia influence. The floral bracts are rose pink and fringed with white and black feathery tips, then shading to cream at the base. The central dome has a woolly black and white pattern and is heavily tipped with black, providing for a strong and interesting contrast as it is so beautifully displayed on a long, sturdy stem.

Royal Minks looks great mixed with other protea or combined with an array of other colorful flowers and foliage. Here's are just some of the lovely ways we've found her being displayed!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Wreath

It's that time of year when life comes full circle. We reunite with family and friends to reminisce about old memories and slowly… those memories give way to new ones. As guests arrive at your door, there's one captivating way to welcome them: a wreath. Early civilizations used wreaths, symbols of the circle of life, to celebrate special occasions. They were creative in their materials using a variety of evergreens, which survive harsh winters and signify immortality as well as the strength of life. And there’s no reason you shouldn't be creative as well. These days, a wreath can live throughout the year, bringing welcoming cheer to any door, mantel, wall or gate.

The wreaths we craft are typically made of protea, banksia, grevillea, leucadendron, eucalyptus and cones or pods but any material from the store, farmers market or garden will work. Even a few flourishes (like stems of protea) can easily enhance a nursery-bought wreath into a personalized creation. They are beautiful to hang indoors or out, and most will dry beautifully, so you can keep them on display long after the holidays.

Create a new tradition this year by crafting your own holiday wreath… you'll enjoy it for months or possibly even years to come. Here are a few of our favorites from the year nearly past…2019!

Protea, Wreath,

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Protea-Inspired Baby Shower Arrangements

The arrival of a new bundle of joy is such an exciting time and what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful baby shower? Baby showers give family and friends the opportunity to shower the Mother-To-Be with well wishes and gifts. And while sharing this memorable occasion with family and friends is already wonderful enough, beautiful floral arrangements can help make the event even more special.

OMG… we absolutely loved the idea of creating Protea centerpieces for a recent baby shower! With the baby's February due date, the grandma-to-be, Maryann, knew she wanted beautiful flowers, “especially protea”. Selecting a protea theme seemed like the perfect fit, especially after finding out the color scheme was natural greens, ivory and pink. Scroll on down for a glimpse of these enchanting fairy-tail centerpieces!