Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Farm Tour: The San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society

Every September, we commemorate the start of gardening season with a bountiful nursery, farm tours and protea workshops. Autumn is the best time of the year to plant perennials, shrubs and even seeds. Plants established in the fall grow faster in the spring and require less water when summer comes.

This month, we opened our farm gate and welcomed the San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society (SDCSS). This passionate group of hobbyists, researchers, and enthusiasts all share a common interest and appreciation for the uniqueness and beauty of plants. The SDCSS ‘s mission is to promote knowledge, study and interest in cacti and succulent plants through educational programs, public exhibits, a public garden, and special events.

Given the abundance of South African and Australian plants being grown here in San Diego County, having this group of 50 tour the farm and experience our day to day activities seemed like a natural fit. With the perfect mix of Proteaceae, we knew it would be the just the place for them to capture some garden inspiration.

Many thanks to the SDCSS for visiting and helping us celebrate a new season and all things protea. The love of plants is something we all share together.

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