Sunday, September 22, 2019

Fall Protea Prowess

Think spring’s the season to beat when it comes to proteas? Not so fast - our fall proteas are just as lush as their equinox-opposites, thanks to more neutral and deeper-hued blooms with a feathery flair and hardier, tactile shapes and sizes. In addition, fall gifts us with not only a bounty of gorgeous protea and banksia but awesome textural foliage like seeded eucalyptus, Australian Pine with orange tips, vines, as well as fruited branches. Feeling inspired by autumn’s offerings, we’ve created some bouquets, arrangements and wreaths with the exquisite flora being harvested, so here’s a glimpse of our protea prowess.

When designing, we are always focused on showcasing the proteas. If we’re seeking a romantic, chic feeling, we may suggest blooms in soft pink, cream and maroon hues. For a more whimsical and earthy look we’ll pull in the pods, fruit, berries and smaller blooms.

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