Sunday, May 15, 2022

Visualizing Your Next of Work of Art

If a flower field is a living, sprouting, and evolving creative display, then a floral arrangement is a three-dimensional, interactive art installation. There’s no doubt, I find that I am most inspired when I'm in the field or my garden surrounded by lots of gorgeous blooms. My imagination simply takes over and I start visualizing what I'll use in my next arrangement. So, if you’re contemplating about your next work of art, I’ve got a few suggestions to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Leucospermum, like the Erubescens pictured above, are exquisite and incredibly long-lasting cut flowers, with vibrant, colorful blooms. Then, adding some textural varieties of Banksia and Grevillea take an arrangement from being ordinary to extraordinary.

If you'd like even more variety, mix in blooms like alstroemeria, ranunculus and snapdragons. Sturdy stem flowers are a big benefit, as they will stand up better in the container. Don’t forget to use some lush foliage like Grevillea Ivanhoe as a filler which, by the way, will add even more texture to the design. Most importantly, you're the artist so select colors and blooms that inspire your creativity. Flower arranging is a practice of resourcefulness, which requires experimentation and imagination. If you like what you've made, then you've accomplished the goal!

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