Saturday, April 30, 2022

May Gatherings: Décor & Gifting

May always arrives with its fair share of RSVPs. From showers to graduations, Mother’s Day to Memorial Day gatherings, it seems every weekend calls for a celebration, and… of course, there are the gifts and decor. What to get? Well, if you love king proteas, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a few of our top picks… our favorite designs, to create and gift!

Not only are kings totally striking on their own, but they look particularly intriguing when mixed in bouquets.

The large central dome that’s surrounded by spiky bracts with a smooth, velvety texture certainly begs a second look. The extraordinary shape of the bracts or petals gives the bloom a regal, crown-like appearance… it’s an oversized statement flower that looks absolutely fabulous in arrangements.

Captivated by the king? Well, when an occasion calls for a little extra ‘king-power’, there is always the Wreath!

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