Saturday, April 16, 2022

Springtime Pick-n-Mix: Flowers and Vegetables

It's time to celebrate warm weather, flowers in bloom and veggies in season… all wrapped up into festive décor for friends & family to enjoy. Adding seasonal vegetables into a flower arrangement, to bring in a fresh element of color, texture and shape, is often the recipe needed to transform a design from beautiful to eye-catching and unique. Today, we’re celebrating the season with heirloom carrots and fresh asparagus.

A gathering without flowers is just a meeting, so don’t be without the seasons cream of the crop. This design is packed with gorgeous leucospermum Brandi dela Cruz and Erubscense, colorful heirloom carrots and lush foliage.

This stunning arrangement could not be easier to make! Place the asparagus stems around the outside of the vase and secure them in place with a piece of twine! When you add an array of colorful protea, pincushions, leucadendron and some fabulous ranunculus to the mix... you have the perfect spring ensemble!

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