Sunday, May 20, 2018

Waratah Bouquet

Flowers are the special things that can change just about everything. From bouquets of fresh-cut garden flowers to extravagant arrangements, each inspires a burst of joy and a lot of wonderment. With spring’s abundance of blooms and foliage, I ventured into the fields to see what treasures I could find to create something simply elegant.

During this trip into the fields I realized the phrase ‘Better Late than Never’ certainly applied. As I came across two of my favorite spring flowers that typically bloom in March… Waratah and Boronia, I knew I was on the right track. I reminded myself that the name Waratah is an Aboriginal name for “beautiful” and the botanical name Telopea means “seen from a distance’.  There was no doubt that I'd miss any of these Waratah, even if they're late bloomers. The Boronia also couldn’t be avoided as that wonderful lemony fragrance drew me right to the petite, bell-like flowers with delicate deep green leaves.

I found my treasures and knew I could create something fabulous.

As I gathered stems of leucadendron, banksia foliage and berzelia to complete by bouquet, I felt inspired!


  1. That's a lovely bouquet diane😊 I would use the same! Right now have Roman candle banksia and the gorgeous warratah flowering😍

  2. Love those! They look like wedding bouquets!

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  4. I cannot wait until next Spring to order a bouquet like that one.