Monday, November 29, 2021

How to Care for Your Protea Wreath

It feels only right that we look for fresh, exciting ways to celebrate the season after another year that has been anything but ordinary. As holiday wreaths go up, we love the idea of replacing the faux with fresh protea and greens. A bountiful protea wreath enhances festive d├ęcor and adds a sense of luxury and organic authenticity to a home. Our wreaths are crafted using fresh-cut proteas and seasonal foliage to ensure longevity. But what can you do to help ensure the longevity of your wreath once you’ve placed it in that special place? Follow these simple steps:

Soak to Hydrate

Whether you decide to hang the wreath in the heat of your house or the chilly air outside, these winter environments are dry, and the flowers have no source of moisture. If you have a large enough container or tub place the wreath in a couple inches of water to allow it to 'drink' from the back where the stems are. Let it soak for a few of hours, or if you want optimal results, your wreath should stay in the water for a full day.

Moisturized Often

You will need to adjust the amount of water your wreath requires based on where you put it. A wreath displayed outside in a cool climate will require misting once a day. A wreath kept outside in a warm climate or displayed indoors will need frequent watering or misting. This helps the wreath retain moisture by sealing the pores on the proteas and foliage.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat

It can be tempting to place the wreath in a spot where it gets direct sunlight. But direct light can dry out the flowers and foliage, whether you place them indoors or outdoors! If you decide to hang your wreath indoors in a heated room, keep in mind that it probably won’t last as long because they favor a colder climate to thrive.

Dry and Enjoy

After the flowers begin to fade, cease spraying and let the wreath dry naturally. Protea don’t die, they dry Beautifully and will continue to spruce up your home for months.

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