Friday, January 22, 2021

Creating Healthy Connections Through Flowers

Gather all things cheerful and bright! Quarantine hasn’t been easy, and it has definitely taken a toll on all of us. To feel better, we need to take action to keep our minds, bodies and businesses healthy. Having a positive mental attitude is number one, but the objects that surround us are vital too.

Flowers are not only a NATURAL remedy to help revitalize and balance our moods, but they also have so many other wonderful benefits.

Flowers connect people with nature. You’ve heard the saying, “stop and smell the roses.” While it might seem a bit clichĂ©, it is advice actually worth taking, particularly when life feels chaotic. Flowers trigger the release of endorphins, the brain’s “happy” chemicals, which help you relax and make you feel more comfortable. Interacting with nature also has a positive effect on physical health. Considering the harmful effects that stress can have on the body, that old saying might be a bit more meaningful than you think.

Flowers are nature’s coaches… their care teach vital life skills, such as dependability, time management, creative thinking + self-awareness. Beyond their unspoken teaching talents, flowers are excellent entertainers too. Nurturing a garden or creating arrangements (for instance), are fun activities that are appropriate for just about everyone.

Flowers bridge the gap created by the need for physical distancing now being experienced between family, friends and co-workers. As stay at home measures keep once-normal gatherings to a minimum, floral gifts have reconnected individuals, allowing for the celebration of many missed moments.

Flowers with their own special meaning, serve as a ‘silent’ language. Bits of this tradition still remain used today, with certain varieties expressing feelings like love, friendship and gratitude. When words are not enough, flowers can help convey heartfelt emotion… such as red roses and tulips to declare affection, or proteas to express strength, courage and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Fortunately, no one needs a reason to ask if they deserve flowers, the answer will always be YES!

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