Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Gift of Flowers

Passion often leads to purpose, and this month, that purpose came in the form of giving the Gift of Flowers.

We love flower farming here in California, especially in the springtime when there are so many varieties to choose from and the colors are amazing. Our farm's shipping department was brought to a stand-still by the Coronavirus Pandemic and suddenly we had an excess of flowers in the cooler. Rather than simply tossing the flowers we decided to make the best of the situation.

Knowing that there are still other essential businesses open and operating in the community, we dropped flowers off at a nearby doctor’s office and retirement home. Extra flowers were added to the orders still going out so customers could spread some joy in their communities as well.

A truck load of flowers was delivered to the University of California’s payroll center in Riverside, CA for a team building bouquet-making exercise. Workstations were set up (at the required 6 feet distance apart) in the training room so 16 employees could learn about the flowers being grown in the community and create their own special protea bouquet. It was just what the doctor ordered. A perfect morale booster. And as it turned out during the exercise, California Governor Newsome announced his "stay at home order" to go into effect the next day. All 16 employees went back to their desks with big smiles on their faces and their bouquets... that would soon become their home workstation centerpieces.

Obviously, flowers won’t make the Coronavirus go away, nor will they make the uncertainty surrounding the situation disappear. But spreading positivity and plenty of cheer is essential during these challenging and unprecedented times.


  1. Lucky ducks! What a terrific experience!

  2. You guys are the very best! Prayers for you and all of the industry .

  3. Always so thoughtful and giving back !