Saturday, March 28, 2020

March Articles of Interest

Finding Relief in a World of Panic

I confess to a strange sensation amid a world in the panic of epidemiological meltdown: I feel relief, a curious lightness of spirit borne not of sangfroid, but of surrender. To be sure I am gravely concerned for all of us in this COVID-19 nightmare. We are all in it together, and we are all responsible. But as I sat yesterday erasing line after line in my calendar (paper and pencil, quaint, I know), of speaking appearances, book signings, a TV shoot, a working trip to Europe, a vacation, and a considerable amount of money, I couldn’t help feel the kind of conflicted joy that might accompany a string of stay-at-home snow days: a pain in the neck but also an opportunity (a painortunity?) A sort-of vacation, but minus the anxiety of what you left undone… because you haven’t actually left, and probably won’t anytime soon.

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'Out of the greenhouse and into a dumpster':
Flower farmers impacted during COVID-19 pandemic


"If you can't sell, to be honest, there is really no point in harvesting the flowers. So we are taking the flowers out the greenhouse and into a dumpster. It's very bleak. It's not nice at all," said Farai Madziva, vice president of sales and chief of staff with Kitayama Brothers Farms.
Kitayama Brothers is only operating with 25% of its staff, and the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing flower farmers to run a skeleton staff.

Madziva said: "Can our employees get back to an entity that still exists? They can say we are back home and continue growing. Most of our employees have been with us for more than 20 years. When you look at that, we are family. Just letting people go and saying goodbye, and when they come back, the family is not there anymore. Those are the concerns, those are the worries, that is what we are trying to preserve."

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31 Colorful Wedding Bouquets

These bright, bold, and beautiful bouquets use colors that are seriously out of this world. From rich oranges, bright pinks, and sunny yellows to cool blues, earthy greens, and deep purples, a colorful wedding bouquet will pop against any bride's white wedding dress. Opt for an arrangement that is filled with vibrant tones for a showstopping bundle or use pops of color to upgrade an otherwise simple bouquet. Click through to get inspired by some of our favorite bright bridal bouquets from real weddings.

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