Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Grevillea Foliage

Within the wonderfully diverse world of proteaceae, the Grevillea genus is starting to rank among the most coveted, captivating, and cool. This Australian genus includes almost three hundred species, numerous subspecies, and more than a thousand cultivars (a number that continues to grow). These amazing botanicals are not only popular for their colorful spider-like flowers, the foliage is fabulous too. Grevilleas helps create height, movement, dimension and textures in bouquets, arrangements and displays.

Ivanhoe is a hybrid cultivar derived from combination of G. Longifolia and G. Caleyi. It has very attractive serrated and deeply cut foliage with deep green leaves and silver undersides, while new growth is a reddish bronze color.

Hookeriana or also called Robin Hood, is hardy, prolific and versatile species. This lush plant which can reach heights of up to 7’ tall, has glossy, dark green, deeply divided foliage with bronze-brown stems.

Robusta or more commonly known as the southern silky oak, silk oak or silky oak, silver oak or Australian silver oak, is an evergreen tree with olive-green, fern-like leaves that have a beautiful silvery undertone.

Asplendifolia or longifolia has long (6 to 10”), straight army green leaves with a slight rust-red tinge when young and their undersurfaces are covered with flat, silky brownish hairs.

Grevilleas develop small cone-like buds and toothbrush-like flowers that are displayed primarily late winter through spring. This versatile foliage not only adds a distinctive texture and color to designs, they typically have a vase life of 14 days or longer.

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