Saturday, March 16, 2019

In the Field: Buttonbush

Berzelia, a genus of the Bruniaceae family, is one of the few plants endemic to the Cape floral kingdom and the Western Cape of South Africa. Berzelia or also called ‘Buttonbush’ is typically harvested when the clusters of round flower heads are still closed and green or cream in color, looking like masses of colorful peas attached to a sturdy stem. Below the flowering heads are wispy side shoots of small needle-like foliage which are grouped in whorls going up the long, woody stems.

This gorgeous and other-worldly botanical muse of plant lovers and floral designers around the world, is a longtime favorite of ours here on the farm. For all the visual impact these bobbles offer, their unique element of texture not only appeals to the sense of sight, but also to the tactile senses as well. Whether it’s Berzelia Lanuginosa or Red Jelly, these small, round buttons are engaging, making you want to reach out, touch and feel them.

Berzelia Lanuginosa

Berzelia Red Jelly

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