Sunday, September 17, 2017

IPA 2017 Pre-Conference Tour

South Africa’s Western Cape is one of the country’s most beautiful provinces, attracting a lion’s share of tourists. It is a region of majestic mountains, long beaches and colorful patchworks of farmland set in lovely valleys. With a total area of 129,462 square kilometres, the Western Cape is roughly the size of Greece.

The Mediterranean climate of the peninsula and the mountainous region beyond it is ideal for flower farming and there are a number of family farms producing an excellent range of flowers. However, if you’re passionate about Protea there’s no other place on Earth like the Cape Floristic Region – The Home of Proteaceae! That’s exactly why we made it a point to attend this year’s International Protea Association (IPA) Conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

The IPA Pre-Conference Tour took place on September 1st & 2nd and featured four fabulous flower farms: Arnelia Farms, Pomona Farm, Philadelphia Farm and Jansekraal.

Our first stop on the morning of the 1st (and the first day of spring in Africa) was Arnelia Farms near Hopefield.

Then, that afternoon we ventured out to Pomona Farm near Piketberg.

On day two, we headed out to Philadelphia Farm near Citrusdal in the West Coast area.

Our last stop, Jansekraal also on the west coast near Citrusdal.

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