Friday, September 29, 2017

Hebron Community Projects

Upon moving from Cape Town to Citrusdal, South Africa, Neil and Olivia Hall were excited about the prospects of having the opportunity to live and work in the countryside. Although this small town is blessed with picturesque mountains and a vibrant community, the effects of alcoholism, child abuse, HIV Aids, underage pregnancy, poverty and more were evident and right on everyone’s door step! As the years went by, the Hall’s realized the problems and challenges that the community faced, particularly the youth, were only getting worse. This resulted in the birth of Hebron Community Projects (HCP) in 2008, a registered non-profit organization that aims to be a catalyst for positive change in Citrusdal and communities alike. HCP has a particular focus on youth by providing programs and facilities that will allow for qualified personnel to counsel, teach, train, and provide a safe haven for youth at risk.

Since establishing Philadelphia Farming, Neil and Olivia have been looking for ways to give back to the community of Citrusdal. With its close ties to HCP, Philadelphia Farming began assisting in several ways. A portion of land, 2.5 hectares, was donated to HCP to build a community center and sport facilities. This provided HCP with the facilities it needed for its community based programs. In addition, Philadelphia farming started an initiative donating a percentage of the sales price of each stem it produces to HCP – Called the Carton Initiative. HCP as an organization was fortunate enough to receive funding and incredible support from a Seattle based church, Sammammish Presbyterian Church. This allowed for further building of infrastructure as well as covering a significant portion of the program costs and running fees.

Today, Philadelphia Farming, and Hebron Community Projects are growing together to provide solutions to the problems the community of Citrusdal faces on a daily basis. Neil and Olivia are committed to and passionate about setting up initiatives that will ensure sustainability, further developing the farm and HCP as a combined force for change in the community. Philadelphia Farming wholeheartedly supports the vision of HCP, and partnering with this organization is just one small way that the farm looks to give back to a very special community.

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