Friday, December 27, 2013

Look Out – Brenda’s Back

In the language of flowers, protea is said to symbolize diversity and courage, and if our sweet Protea Brenda had her own special language she’d be the symbol of immortality too! When asked to describe Brenda, the first words that come to mind are hot pink and plastic. Yes plastic, this gorgeous bloom reminds me of the 'olden days' when my mother would put colorful plastic blooms in an old planter box outside during the wintertime. The dark pink bracts or petals which surround Brenda are shiny and tough not soft and velvety like many of the other protea we grow. So, it's the amazing look and feel of Brenda that makes her seem almost unreal.

When it comes to diversity, Brenda mixes well with fruited branches, succulents, other more traditional flowers, filler flowers and even wrapped up in a beautiful wreath filled with an assortment of colorful proteaceae. 



Brenda will be blooming in the fields for the next few months and then gone for another season, so don't let her get away without appreciating her unique allure.

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