Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Flowers Color Our Lives

One of nature’s most precious gifts, flowers never fail to delight the eye and touch the soul!

If each flower has a special meaning, then each flower color has one too!  Symbolism of flower colors can be traced back in history and up until now many people believe in the meaning of colors.  This is the reason why there are individuals who are very picky about the flowers and colors that they choose for a bouquet or arrangement especially if it is for a special occasion.  Flowers color our lives!  Here are a few popular colors and their special meanings. 

Pink is elegant and romantic.  Brighter pinks are youthful, feminine and fun; vivid pinks are more passionate and sensual.  Pink makes a room feel inviting and warm.  Love and beauty are associated with Pink. 

Protea Ivy

Protea Brenda

Orange is energetic, trendy and fun-loving.  A powerful color, orange makes a statement and evokes stronger responses than any other shade.  In spring, orange flowers are fresh and cheerful; in autumn, they are beautiful like the changing and falling leaves.  Orange is a great accent color.

Banksia Ashbyii

Leucospermum Succession  

Green, the 'Eco' color, expressing environmental concern, good health and renewal, green is soothing and relaxing, refreshing and revitalizing.  A great neutral color, green can be combined with all other flower colors - it's probably why most flowers have green stems and leaves, they go with any color.

Kangaroo Paw Black & Green

Banksia Speciosa

What's your favorite color and its special meaning?

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