Sunday, April 29, 2012

Studies Show Flowers can Enhance Well-Being

A beautiful bouquet of flowers may be one of the healthiest gifts you can give -- and I'm not talking calories.

Flowers and plants have been used for centuries to provide us with food, clothing, shelter, medicine and oxygen, as well as to express our emotions ranging from love and support to grief. But now, research is adding up that suggests flowers and plants are closely linked to our well-being, and here's just a few reasons why:

We communicate better in the presence of flowers or plants, and tend to eat food more slowly when flowers are on the table.

Flowers restore us from mental fatigue and enhance our self-esteem.

Certain types of potted plants, as well as the growing mix used with these plants, remove some pollutants from a room's atmosphere. 

Placing plants and flowers in a room significantly increases humidity, which reduces some of the effects of dry air such as common colds.

So this week, why not do something healthy - indulge in some flowers and plants!

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