Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boronia a Springtime Favorite

Boronias are grown in a rainbow of colors ranging from: hot pink to purple, brown, green, yellow and white and have interesting names like: ‘Purple Jared’ (brilliant purple flowers), ‘Aussie Rose’ (rose pink flowers) and ‘Lipstick’ (lollypop pink flowers). A genus of some 95 Australian species named in honor of Francesco Borone, an Italian plant collector.

This fabulous filler flower has tiny, wiry stems and green needle-like leaves. In early Spring lovely bell-shaped flowers with four petals begin to form and bloom. Boronias are generally long-lasting as cut flowers, and cutting the flower stems benefits the plants, as they need pruning back after blooming to prolong life and improve bushiness.

Renowned for its sweet fragrance and aromatic foliage, especially Boronia Megastigma (with bells of brown). The flowers of B. Megastigma are often collected for flavor and fragrance use. Unfortunately, they are difficult to propagate and grow in cultivation.

B. Aussie Rose

B. White Pearl

B. Megastigma

B. Latea

Boronia a true sign of spring - Enjoy!!!

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