Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Creating a Fabulous Fall Arrangement

Just like the childhood draw of a box of 68 crayons, a field full of colorful protea and foliage stirs emotions and encourages the imagination.  Warm and cool colors combine to make beautiful statements, some powerful, and others tranquil.  Rich reds, deep pinks, and cool greens can come together to make stunning arrangements that remind us of the season. Watch as Susan takes fresh flowers from our fields and create this fabulous fall arrangement…....

We begin with an interesting rustic container.

Add two banksia menziesii, some grevillea red hooks and hakea foliage.

Insert two beautiful protea eximia.

Add a protea pink ice.

Spice it up with a few protea red baron, bankisia occidentalis and pomegranate.

Mix in some jacaranda leaves, kangaroo paws and australian pine.
Finally, relax and enjoy the pleasure that flowers add to your life!!!

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