Friday, September 30, 2011

Banksia Menziesii

Ruby is the color of love, blood, passion, wine, fire and Menziesii, a fabulous fall banksia! Menziesii is also referred to as Menzies' banksia, firewood banksia, port wine banksia or 'Raspberry Frost' – all very suitable nicknames. 

Menziesii blooms in the fall when the reddish flowers begin to open from the base. Gradually taking their time, sometimes taking weeks, row after row of flowers open until the flowering reaches the top of the cone, looking like splendid candles on a Christmas tree. When this beautiful bloom has finished the flower spikes into an interesting seed cone that lasts for an eternity!

It has been said that Menziesii also has a special flower essence - the essential healing energy of a flower, a distinctive dynamic inner life force that differentiates it from other flowers. Aboriginal People from all over the world have used flowers in their rituals and ceremonies, aware of their subtle healing properties. Menziesii’s special healing power is “Courage” – the courage to release pain and to move ahead triumphantly, and that “Triumph” over disaster leads to renewed energy.

This banksia’s essence certainly seems to parallel with The Language of Flowers and the symbol of Protea - Diversity and Courage!  Menziesii, not only is a beautiful flower, but strong and powerful one as well; and looks fabulous mixed with other flowers in arrangements and bouquets (more to come on this design by Susan)!.

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