Thursday, June 20, 2024

Banksia Robur

Banksia-obsessed? Maybe a little... 😊 (Hard not to be with so many wonderful species to choose from right now!)

And like clockwork… just before the summer solstice, we’re starting to see some Banksia robur or also called Swamp Banksia and Broad-Leaved Banksia.

These showy, tightly packed metallic, greenish-blue & purple blooms embody the signature qualities of this protea genus, a bottlebrush or spike-like inflorescence with hundreds of tiny flowers. The leaves are large, with toothed margins, glossy green above and light green beneath. The name robur is Latin meaning “strength” which likely refers to the robust nature of the plant or its large leaves.

Originating from the Central and North Coasts of NSW and Southern Queensland, this species is found in swamp or wetland regions (hence the name) and it's often the most visible plants... due to its size. Robur is easy to grow and makes a nice addition to a garden, as long as it has adequate water and plenty of room to spread out in the full sun.

Creating an eye-catching summer arrangement with robur is simple when mixed with other similar hued and textured florals. In this design, robur is the main focal flower and the leucadendron, leucospermum, kangaroo paws, grevillea and eucalyptus along with a few calla and rose stems blend beautifully and render a unique and exotic vibe.

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