Monday, May 27, 2024

Praemorsa – Cut-leaf Banksia

We’re turning up the texture with the exquisite Praemorsa or Cut-leaf Banksia!

Wow… texture in this banksia isn’t just limited to the flower, check out the foliage as well! Praemorsa leaves are firm and leathery, with toothed margins and truncated or cut ends (hence the name). The bloom which is often seen in spring consists of hundreds of individual flowers growing out of a woody 10” long and 3” wide spike. And the colors... a wine-red bloom with tips in a blue-green and the grey-green foliage adds even more character to this superb banksia.

After flowering the bloom then turns into a hard cone of follicles that store several winged seeds. The follicles can take years to mature and open, usually needing a fire or a long drying out period. Once seeds are freed, they typically take 30 to 49 days to germinate, and four to five years (plus lots of patience) before you ever see a bloom.

A lovely reminder of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famed words, "Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience." And yes, praemorsa’s amazing textures and true beauty are certainly worth the wait!

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