Friday, December 25, 2020

Welcome Winter’s Color Palettes with Festive Flowers

As 2021 (finally) draws nearer, we usher in winter with eager anticipation for the season’s many celebrations and, of course, its breath-taking blooms.

Discover the possibilities for this winter with our assemblage of floral creations. Featuring Proteas that indulge in the season’s warm color palettes, these unique designs will stir creativity and ignite holiday spirits well into the New Year.

A mix of lush pinks and subdued burgundy combined with forest greens create a quintessentially cheery holiday ambiance. To add more depth + dimension to a winter arrangement, showcase festive blooms, like Pink Minks and Bankisa menziesii.

Winter would not be complete without a wreath or two. Here, eucalyptus, Banksia intergrifolia and Grevillea Ivanhoe foliage set an idyllic base for textural eucalyptus pods, Leucadendron and colorful Protea, adding wonderful texture to complement the wreath's greenery.

Inspired by the season’s cold-weather hues, the crisp, whites and pale creams of Protea, Sugarbush + White Hawk and Leucadendron comprise an elegant winter palette in this wreath.

A gathering of bright, colorful Leucadendron Duet + Maui Sunset combined with warm neutral Protea obtusifolia + nitida create a radiant winter display.

Rich in texture and colors, Protea Cere and Brenda with burgundy lilies and chocolate callas. Stems of agonis, Leucadendron, Grevillea Flowers and peach blossoms add movement and a “spring feel” to this seasonal bouquet.

Winter jewel tones, like yellow citrine, emerald-green and turquoise, are the standout of this seasonal color scheme. The saturated hues and contrasting textures of the Protea, Leucospermum and feathery acacia further intensify the warmth of this display.

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