Sunday, May 17, 2015


One of the best parts of being a flower farmer is obviously - the flowers - and having them available year round makes it even better.  First, the protea bloom, then the waxflower, pincushions and leucadendron and soon the fields are overflowing in a rainbow of colors.  Not only do I enjoy growing and harvesting flowers, I love seeing them beautifully displayed in trendy and unique ways.  So as you can imagine sometimes an ordinary vase just doesn’t cut it when a pickup full of fresh flowers arrives from the fields.  It’s fun to create a gorgeous hand-tied bouquet and experiment with a few special containers to see just how they fit.  Once you find that perfect combination of beauty along with your personal touch – the display becomes BEyouTIFUL!

Love containers: Here’s a few of my favorites:

Metal Buckets: Nothing says “From the Field to the Vase” like a flowers displayed in an old metal bucket.

Pitchers: The more unique, the better!  Pitchers are beautiful, curvy works of art in and of themselves, but adding blooms makes for a colorful piece of art.

Antique Tins: Lucky you if you already have some lying around, but if not you might want to search out your local Thrift Shop.

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