Sunday, October 6, 2013

Touring with the Fallbrook Garden Club

"Flowers, like friends, should be well chosen"

It's always a pleasure to meet fellow gardeners and plant lovers from Garden Clubs and Horticulture Societies everywhere - it's become a wonderful way for us to make new friends and share our growing expertise.  This week we had the opportunity to meet and tour members from the Fallbrook Garden Club around our farm and give them a little glimpse of our day to day activities. 

Our first stop was the packinghouse where all our flowers and foliage harvested each day are received, processed, packed and prepared for shipping.

We couldn't resist a quick stop in the cooler to see all the different varieties of Protea now in bloom!

Then, on to the nursery where we propagate and grow the plants that will eventually end up out in our flower fields.

There was even time for JJ to get some extra special attention!

In the nursery we had plenty of time to take a look at some new plants and answer lots of questions about growing, pruning and harvesting.

And, as you can see another farm friend decided to join in on our tour.

This visit wouldn't have been complete without seeing some of the beautiful wreaths and bouquets that are made here on our farm throughout the year.

Many thanks to our friends at Fallbrook Garden Club - it's obvious that our life of farming is not just about flowers and plants, it's also about the friends we make all along the way!

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