Sunday, July 7, 2013

Glorious Grevillea

Beautiful flowers, fabulous foliage and an amazing plant. Grevillea is a large diverse genus with about 340 species, mainly of Australian origin. Such an amazing variable genus, with growth habits ranging from flowering ground cover types, to beautiful scrubs and hedges, to tall colorful trees. Grevillea flowers range in color from white to pink, yellow to red and their size can be small and spider-like or large and bottle brush-shaped, like these gorgeous blooms.

Grevillea foliage can be sharp and needle-like, soft and fern-like, or long branches with colorful jagged edges which definitely add wonderful texture to any bouquet or arrangement.

Here are a few of the bouquets we recently discovered mixing Grevillea flowers and foliage with other colorful and interesting florals.

And after a leisurely trip around my own garden, I couldn't help but feel a little inspired to create my own kitchen bouquet!

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