Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summertime Gathering

Summer is truly a gift to the senses -the textures, smells and sights of summer intoxicate and delight!  This lovely summertime gathering was created by Pauline, our intern from France, who obviously has a talent for floral design.   Pauline selected many of our favorite flowers and greens – protea pink duke and red baron, brunia albiflora, tritoma, kangaroo paw, banksia prionotes and eucalyptus.   The deep green and orange hues combined with a splash of pink and red are a perfect sampling of the season.

Brunia Albiflora

Banksia Prionotes 

Orange Kangaroo Paw

Protea Red Baron

Protea Pink Duke


  1. Absolutely beautiful native arrangements! I love them!
    Waltraud Goodwin (Australia)

  2. Absolutely beautiful native arrangements!
    I love them.