Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flower Power: The Big Bloom Theory

Here’s how flowers help support the so-called Big Bloom theory of evolution: Flowers cause positive emotions, and research shows that from an evolutionary standpoint, positive emotions make people better survivors. That’s because positive people are more likely to maintain social relationships, find needed resources and be creative. Many flowers and plants rely on humans to fertilize them, nurture their growth and remove the weeds that would choke them to death. In return, they give us pleasure! Flowers have developed little chemical factories that decrease anxiety and improve your mood. So this spring become a real survivor and keep those vases filled with gorgeous blooms - Enjoy!

Telopea, Leucadendron and Waxflower

Protea, Pincushion, Leucadendron and Berzelia

Proteaceae Bouquet

Flowers - Nature's Anti-Depressant!

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